I really appreciated my time away from the internet.  It not only gave me a moment to step back and rework my goals, where I see myself, but it gives me a moment to recheck my thoughts and find out where do I want to be.

My time away from online (although it was short) gave me the opportunity to stay focused on my own personal goals.

I have noticed, and it was confirmed when I read my favorite book of Proverbs– 4:23


Have you ever noticed that when you say: “Today is a bad day.”, you really start to have a bad day?  That you cannot see anything good in that day, and all you see is the negativity around you.

But what happens when you change that? What happens when something bad happens but you don’t let that take over?  When you tell yourself that: “Yes this happened, but it doesn’t define my whole day.”

Our thoughts truly shape our actions, and our life is constructed by our thoughts alone!

When I went for my driver’s license, my instructor tried to distract me: we were driving by a scenic route, and he suggested that I can look at the scenery, I just have to keep driving straight.

My instant response to him was:  No.  If I take my eyes off the road for one moment, I could miss something ahead of me.  I told him I wanted to stay focus as if I had my kids in the car (which I didn’t at the moment).  That they were my reasons for not looking off to the side.

After I received my license, he told me that he wished everyone drove with the mentality that they were driving precious cargo.  He explained that your hands will naturally steer the car where your eyes are going, and it just takes one moment of a distraction to have your life changed and altered for the rest of your life.

Sometimes I feel as if I wasn’t just getting a driver’s lesson but being reminded of how this all works.

How have I applied to this my daily life?

In one area of my life I started saying to myself that I am crafty.  I can do arts and crafts, and that it just takes time and practice (and Pinterest!) but I’ll get better in time.  I want to do this, because I want to be better for my kids.  I want to push myself out of my comfort zone, and lead them to do the same.  To not be afraid to try new things.

Paper Flowers

You may have seen this one on Instagram. As shabby as it is, I’m so very proud of it!  One of my first venture into paper flowers, and Zee helped as well.

Paper Flowers-2

Different kind of paper flower, but still improving–step by step.

I just want to let everyone know that:

* Think about how you feel about your life now.  We only have one to live, so be careful how we feed our thoughts and minds.  This can make you or break you!

* You really can apply yourself to make the changes you want.  It won’t happen instantly, but change will come and when it does, it will feel great.

* Stop thinking there is something wrong with your life, and start looking at everything that is going right.  You’ll feel better knowing that your life is a unique experience that no one else can live, but you!

* Ignore the people who say “you can’t.”  You can.  Believe in yourself–you are what you think.

* Last but the most important–have faith in God and know that God believes in you!  He is our biggest ally here, and we should pull on him for strength!


Dear Lord,

Help us to remember that you are in our corner.  That there are times where our cross is hard to carry, but we know you are doing all the heavy lifting.  Our burden is not as heavy as the burden you carry.  Remind us about being grateful and appreciative of everything we have in life, and stop looking at the things that we don’t have.  Remind us not to compare lives with other people–that will only bring discontent.

Help us keep our hearts pure and minds open.


So what do you think: do you believe that your thoughts shape your life?  Share your thoughts in the comment below!

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