Each one of us has a unique gift that He gave us.  Our gifts are not the same, and they are not packaged the same.  Just like us, they are unique and made  just to us.

The thing is, there are may times when we don’t realize that we either: 1) don’t know what our purpose is or 2) know what our purpose is, but forget.

In our world that is forever changing, it is important that we understand what our true purpose is in this life, and move towards that.



Listen to your heart.


Do you find that you are constantly dissatisfied?  Always looking for a change but end up going back to the same thing?  The thing is, sometimes, our purpose is right in front of our faces, but we’re just to blind to see them.

I say, listen to your heart.  Listen to what moves you, what stirs you.  Know that what you choose to spend your time on, you are making a difference.  

I’ve noticed that I’ve always been the “behind the scenes” sort of person, and up until a few years ago, it used to bother me so much.

I would constantly ask myself: why can’t I be leading from the front?  But in my heart, I know what I want.  I understand the dreams of others, and realize my role is not always in the front pulling, it’s in the back pushing.

For me, knowing my purpose didn’t happen until I learned acceptance.  And believe me that was hard to do.  

I’m a pusher, I push myself, and I push others forward around me.  It was part of my nature to want the best for those around me, and I naturally did what I could to help them get in that direction.

I find joy in helping.

Discover your passions.


The most silliest things can become passion for others.  Some may find passion in fitness, others in finance.  It is the journey on knowing what moves you and your heart that you would have to find.

From reading to writing, to teaching and sharing, I find my passion in everything around me.  Yes, I love writing, and I’m really loving photography, but I find that those are just some ways I share my bubbling passion with others.  Those are my mediums.

Deep down, my passion is love that I have for my family and those around me.  

The life that I am blessed to live-good days and bad.

Faith in knowing that all this is sacred. 

So I find that no matter what I’m doing, I’m surrounded by my passion.  

Understand how to use the gifts you were given.


Some people have a skill at taking the most complex ideas, and explaining it in a way that regular people can understand.  A great example of this is Michio Kaku,  a theoretical physicist.  He has such an aurora around him that gravitates people to want to know more about physics and his theories.  

Michio Kaku has a unique gift, and such vast knowledge, that he decided that it shouldn’t be shared with those with the most money, but instead he decided to teach for CCNY (City College of New York – part of NYC CUNY system).

Not only do we have to understand the gifts that were given, but these gifts were not made to just capitalize on, they were given to us freely to share with each other freely.

So not only do we have to work on what our gifts are, but we have to understand how to use them.  

Know Who Our Gifts Glorify


Lastly, we should know who our gifts glorify.  I’ve noticed that there is a trend to ignore who is really at the helm of our ship.  We say that we did all the hard work ourselves, but we don’t [always] recognize that any success that we’ve had been because He wanted it so.

Yes, we can always “work” for it ourselves, but it never comes easy.  It never feels right.  It always feels like we’re pushing a boulder up a hill and yet not making any progress.

If we end up using our gifts for selfish gains, then the well will dry up.  We dry up.  We start to grow dissatisfied with what we’re doing, and question it–daily.

But I’ve found that if we just stop for a moment, and give thanks, and praise to Him who gave us our gifts and spelled out our purpose, we would never lose sight of what is important.


For some, our purpose is not some grand adventure–out to change the world with one single bound.  Sometimes our purpose doesn’t take us far from home to far off places.  What ever your gifts are, and what ever your purpose is, use it wisely, and live it.

Are you still discovering what your purpose is?  What is your calling?