Sunday Prayer For Ebola Victims

I’m sure that you have heard about what is going on in the world. Whole communities are being changed as loved ones are falling ill and dying to the deadly virus of Ebola.

A few days ago, we learned that a man who recently traveled to that area of the world went to emergency room seeking help. He is now receiving care and they are closely monitoring his progress as well as everyone who he came in contact with.

My mind cannot help but think about families being torn apart and communities decimated by this virus.

My heart is grieving for the children who are sick and dying of this virus while they don’t understand what is happening.  For every parent to bury a child.  For every motherless baby.  My heart bleeds.

I ask that all of you join me in prayer.

Sunday Prayer Ebola


Dear Heavenly Father,

Today we offer this prayer up for those who are sick and dying.

Every day, we uncover the horrors of the Ebola virus, and the damage it is doing to countries beyond us.

We know that we are not isolated in the world, and what is happening there, can happen here.

For all those who will not make it past this night, we pray for their souls to find peace.

For all those who are newly diagnosed, we pray they will recover if it is according to Your will.

For the workers on the front lines, and taking care of the ill, we ask for their protection.

All things are possible through you. If it is your will, please help man find a cure.


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