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easter reflections

The gospel for Easter Virgil was taken from Luke 24:1-12. It’s hard to try to place ourselves in the very early morning with the women. From Holy Thursday, hearing that Jesus was arrested. Good Friday they watched with Jesus carry His cross and then die on it.


A Moment of Grief

Can you just imagine the sorrow in these women’s hearts. A son, a friend, a teacher has been killed and laid to rest in the tomb. As they approached they saw two men in dazzling garments appeared to them. First of all, their first reaction would be mine as well. Seeing an Angle elicits fear in many people. The first reaction is always fear.

But then they spoke and said: Why do you seek the living one among the dead?
He is not here, but he has been raised.” Confused by what the angles told them, the angles then go on to remind them about what Jesus thought them, and then everything came back to them.

How quickly can the clouds of grief and sadness muddy our thoughts and feelings. We tend to only focus on the here and now, but tend to forget everything of the past. It is not until the dust settles that we can remember the things that didn’t come to mind at first. The smiles that the person put on our lips, and the lessons they taught us in life.

Good Friday is that moment of grief for us. Yes, we know that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, but it’s that point from then to Easter that we have to contend with. As with life, there are many challenges that we are facing. A changing nation, morals being flipped, we may know the outcome–who will be victorious in the end–but it’s the here and now that is the difficult part for us.

Leaving Death Behind

There are many accounts in the Bible that Jesus raised people from the dead. From little girls to a dear friend–Lazarus. When Lazarus was called out of his tomb from being dead for 4 days, he came out still bound in his burial linens. What all these accounts have in common is that these individuals will be bound to die again–just a at a different time.

When Jesus died, and then raises from the dead, the burial cloths are left behind. Jesus conquers death. He leaves it behind because it cannot hold him. Through His obedience, even until the point of death, he died and freed us from the snares of death.

A Time For Renewal

Easter is also a time for renewal. Putting the past life behind us (but never forgetting), and starting a new. This is the time of year that our faith is rekindled. Through the sacrifice of Jesus, the gates of heaven has been reopened. He purchased fro us something that we could never have done our own. Through his sacrifice, he gave us Eternal Life–that is if we want it.

Leaving death behind for us would then be leaving our sinful lives. Shedding the things that hold us back from truly choosing God, and finally embracing Him. We are to find solace in knowing that death isn’t something we should fear anymore-Jesus has conquered it.

Having Faith


The women told the Apostles what had happened and they did not believe them–all except Peter.

“But Peter got up and ran to the tomb,
bent down, and saw the burial cloths alone;
then he went home amazed at what had happened.”

When the women told the Apostles what happened, they took at as nonsense. They were in disbelief–all except Peter. Immediately, he runs to to the tomb to see for himself–and was amazed.

We too must show the faith that Peter had. There are too many times in our life where things just doesn’t go our way. Where it seems like it just couldn’t get worse. There is always a time for rejoicing. Jesus always spoke the truth. He always kept his promises. We don’t need to doubt.

A Case for Easter

This Easter season, remember everything that Jesus has taught us. If we were wavering in our faith, let this time be a time for renewal. Let us use this time to rejoice in the chance that God has given us to obtain Heaven. During this time, let us vow to not only increase our faith, but to live out our faith. When people look at you, and hear you, they don’t hear you but they hear Christ.

Happy Easter everyone.

Fulton Sheen Love Story Host Eucharist

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