He Came As A Child


This Advent, we prepared for so many things. We were getting ready for Christmas, and the huge celebration. We were looking forward to meeting with our families, and reconnecting with people whom we have been distanced from.  Most important of all, we all prepared for the return of our Saviour. 

During this time of year, there always seems like there is breeze of finality in the air, and when January 1st comes around, we should have said all the things that mattered, and did all the things that truly meant something to us.

I don’t get like this at the end of December. I feel like that in the Fall, the school season, but that’s for another post. What this Advent has meant for me, especially this year, was children.

Breaking apart the Advent story, we know how important the Savior to come was to all people. For hundreds of years after the prophet Ezekiel. Awaiting for Jesus to come, everyone was waiting for him to come with a big fainfair.

Then There Was The Annunciation


Children Are Important to God

The Son of God could have come in any form he wanted. He could have come as a adult. He could have come with an army of angels, but he came in a way to sanctify our human existence.

He allowed himself to be conceived. To grow from a tiny egg into a baby.   This has a huge impact on us!  

There were no debates discussing when did Jesus’ life as the Son of God begin. Not at 6 weeks, not at the moment of birth, we knew that from the moment Mary said “yes,” then the Holy Spirit came upon her and she became with child.

Divided in Principals

This Advent brought so much to surface. We finished an election that had two very different outcomes for this nation. Granted, people aren’t happy with what we ended up with, but put aside the personal character of the people who ran for office, and clearly we had the choice of life and death.

I am reminded of so many children that lose their lives ever day, because they were “conceived at the wrong time, or under the wrong circumstances.”

I am reminded that we are a nation that will not be judged on our might and strengthen, but how we treat the weakest in our ranks.

We seem to be headed in a direction where babies are already being destroyed, but now we are to include the handicap, mentally challenged, and the elderly.  All for the sake of what?

Then Advent rolls around. We forget that these issues are happening and we prepare for the one Child that will change the world. Jesus.

He is the only one we’re looking forward to being born. The only one that will we will acknowledge that he is a person from conception to birth. Yet something we deny to other children every day. This time a year, our nation will make an exception.

Yet, we failed to remember that by Him coming to us, through the Virgin Mary, He sanctified conception. He sanctified all stages of fetal development. There is not one moment that He was not a person in his Mother’s womb. No court, no “higher learning” could take away the basic idea of our Lord.

It’s not too late to pray for the children who are victims of aborotion. It’s not too late to pray for the elderly or handicap, who are either guilted, or feel like they have no other choice but be euthanased. 

As our Advent comes to a close, let us remember these people, and offer a prayers, so that everyone will have a true right to life, and a right to die on God’s terms.


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