There Are No Shortcuts

There Are No Short Cuts_T

The other day, I was searching, for a solution.  I was on website after website on how to clean the oven.  Yes, my brand new oven that had baked on grease stains from me failing to clean it up sooner.  I searched for days, honestly looking for the perfect easy solution.  I was even determined to pay for an oven cleaner, if that will return my oven back to new condition.

Finally, I accepted the truth.  I had everything I need, and instead of just wasting my time on the internet looking for a solution, I should have spent that time cleaning the oven.

There are no shortcuts when real work has to begin


In my search, I was looking for a shortcut.  I was looking for a way for me to clean the oven without me having to “work.”  I was hoping, that I can find that perfect cleaner that will not only clean the oven, but do it quickly–like 5 minutes right after I spray it.

In the end, I used a cleaner that I had. I had to let it soak, then “work” at removing the grease.  My oven is almost like new again.

In our spiritual lives, we always hope that there will be an easy solution to grow in holiness.  A simple prayer ever morning should do it–we think.  Maybe it’s a quick skip of breakfast on Sunday morning and we feel like we are climbing that mountain called holiness.

Let’s be honest, we spend more time trying to figure out how not to “work” on something, meanwhile wanting the results as if we worked hard.

It seemed like I was doing work by spending so much time searching for cleaner.  In the end, it just reminded me that to become a Saint is hard work.  To raise up Saints is hard work.  This work is hard.  Period.  There are not short cuts.  Planning is important, but then you actually have to do the work.  All the amount of thinking I can do, doesn’t make up for the real work that has to get put into this.

The prince of darkness offered Jesus the world, but he already knew his duty.  Jesus was born to die for us.

Everyday was have a choice, a choice to offer our sufferings up with Christ’s suffering.  Or, we could complain, looking for a way not to suffer, or work.

Deep down we know the right choice. We too have a cross to carry. This Lenten season, recognize the crosses in your life, and resolve to carry them–without complaining.


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