A Tired Mom’s Prayer

A tired mom"s prayer

As mothers, we are always tired about something.  But even in our exhaustion, we are not to lose our humor.  Here is a  tired mom’s prayer.  Hopefully you can relate.

A Tired Mom’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

I would ask you to grant me peace, but I am be afraid it could be everlasting peace, so I won’t go there.  Instead Lord, I am going to ask for solace. Please don’t mistake me, I’m not miserable with my lot; I am tired.

I’m sure you are already aware of my schedule, sleep for maybe 4-5 hours, get things done, and be entertaining. While this is the work that all parents do, there are many ups, and downs and too many…”Oh my!”  I would think as my daughter (aka the most wonderful gift in the world) gets older, sleep won’t be that elusive. Hahaha joke’s on me again. (little did I know two additional gifts will keep sleep elusive)

If you can’t grant me solace, at least allow me to handle caffeine. It’s so not fun to scrape myself off the wall along with my daughter (now 3 children) because I caved in and drank a half cup of coffee. For the sake of my husband’s sanity, I’ll stay away. But I really do need a natural replacement.

Speaking of sanity, it would be nice to finally locate mine. I know it was funny to have me “lose” it 2 1/2 years ago (update: its been 9!), but this is a long standing joke that I’m sure only you find funny (okay, my family does too…but it has to be getting old–only a suggestion, not a command).

I guess after all my complaints I should say thank you for listening, that would be the polite thing to do (and what the Sisters have taught me).

Thank you Lord for listening to me. I know that doesn’t mean you’ll do anything I ask, but I hope it gets me on your good side (I know you saw that coming).  Okay, I’m done.


Originally posted 09/04/2011

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