Truth, Freedom, and Relativism

  In New York City, we have veins of subway lines and bus routes that helps you get to where you’re going. While riding on the train or bus, you’re not thinking about the complex system, you are focused on where you have to get and if you’re running late. But, given the chance to freely choose a destination with no time constraints or obligations, your mind begins to see the complete picture of the subway system. Life is very much like this. While you’re in the grind, you are really not as aware of your situation. Yes, you know your alive, but in a way, you are sleeping. Completely unaware of what’s brewing under the surface.   Truth & Freedom   I find that it’s interesting I come to this point after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, since what he (and others)  stood for and died for changed America forever. Our founding fathers declared in the Declaration of Independence, that: ” we hold these truths to be self evident.” Strong words: truth to be self evident. Looking at the founding principles of what freedom is, it is built upon truth. An absolute truth. Truth was: all men were created equal. #Freedom was built on an absolute #truth Click To Tweet Not one was created higher than the other, we are all born babies–helpless. Now we have a growing culture where freedom is separated from truth. That there is no strong foundation where truth will set us free.  Instead, we are living in a world where we openly say, “to each his own.” This is known as relativism.   Why is relativism not such a great thing?...

Social Injustice: Perishing Together As Fools

It’s hard not to hear and read what has gone on in the news lately. There has been a lot of talk, demonstrations, and hashtags about the inequality that has gone on in our country.  The truth is: these inequalities are not new.  They have been in our society since we were a society.   I was reluctant  to add my voice to the voices of others, but I feel I cannot stay quiet on this matter.   The Founding Principles of This Country   Thinking back to history classes, this country was built with the follow ideas, that a person is entitled to: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  After all, these were rights that was given to man by God.  Perhaps somewhere, there is an asterisk or a footnote in part of the Declaration of Independence, because by the way it looks, clearly it did not mean all people.     Life   Our lives are so unique. From the moment we are conceived then born, we know that there has never been person like us, and will never be another person like us ever again. That in itself makes life a gift. Since we were chosen to walk this earth, we are entitled to live our lives. Not many of us makes the best of it, but we are free to choose to live our life the way we see fit. However, we are not entitled to remove each other from their life. Our life is ours and ours alone, and no one has the right to take that away. It’s a shame that we live in a country where all the care is...

Are We Over Sharing?

Imagine this: You are sitting in a restaurant  and a complete stranger comes up to you says, “Oh I just wanted to wish your two kids (they name them by name) a Happy Birthday last week.  Oh, and since I’m here, how is that new job that you just got hired to?  Did you actually drink that margarita while hiding in the bathroom from your kids?” Now, what if this stranger tells you that they learned everything from your Twitter and Instagram account?  Everything that they ever needed to know was right there for the picking. I don’t know about you, but that is a scary situation. This is something that we have to take seriously and think about before we post that picture or share that tweet. And believe me, I get it.  We’re bloggers.  We do write about our personal lives to connect with one another.   We want to appear relatable and personable to our readers out there–to other bloggers out there.  We want others to see that they are not alone in their journey of life, no matter where they are.   But there is a line that we have to try not to cross.   Everything that we say online is public and it’s written in ink. Click To Tweet We’ve all done it, but knowing what we know these days about technology we need to ask ourselves:     Deep down, we’re concerned about the privacy of our children, or what we write about our significant other.  After all, anything and everything we do is traceable back to our real lives off the internet.   If this is...
Loosing Empathy

Loosing Empathy

What struck me was that she’s asking me to have consideration for others while screaming over a crying infant who I was changing.

All through the web, and when I open the Bible, I’m reminded that our words can tear a person down our build them up. I am reminded of the power of our words.

We throw out phrases like: consideration, sympathy, empathy, but I sense these are just key words. Words that we have to remember without actually exercising their meaning.

Secrets of New York City

Back in 1992, I caught wind of an African Burial ground in Manhattan.
This was HUGE back in the day to know, since the conditions of slavery has been treated to be only a southern thing.
Of course we know that slavery existed in the North, but we never really paid attention or asked how deep was it rooted in making New York City the city it is today.