It’s been a while since I posted anything here.  Life has been busy with a newborn, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

One plan that I made for the New Year, is to read the Bible cover to cover.  Actually, I had already started this goal, but like everything when life gets hectic, we promise to do it later, then never comes.  But this year, I wanted things to be different.  I wanted to really start and get through a reading plan, that wasn’t overwhelming.  

While I am familiar to all the stories in the Bible, as I read and hear it often, I have never actually made it a goal to read the Bible from front to end.  Reading it from front to end, is much different than following along with the readings for the Mass daily (although I attempted that as well).

Of course, I would pick a time when I have a newborn, but I see it as the perfect time.  This is the time that I need all the grace that I can get.  Homeschooling my oldest, potty training my middle, and being sleep deprived is the most perfect time 😂.   

There are so many reading plans out there, that one could be bogged down with just making a decision to start.  I ended up going with  How To Read The Bible Everyday by Carmen Rojas.

I’m loving book this so far because:

  • It breaks down the reading on how you can manage it
    • Read on one year, two year, or three year plan.
  • Has extra readings for Lent and Advent.
  • Breaks everything down by month and date.

Since I started this quest before I got the book, I am currently in two different months (one month for Old Testament, and a different month for New Testament).  I like it because the readings are absolutely doable and not overwhelming.  Not only that, but because it is in order, the story of salvation comes beautifully together.

Another reason that I like this, is because it’s not just the goal to read the Bible, but to understand and meditate on what I’m reading.  I want to remember the stories that I read, and see how the are connected to each other. I love to see how the Old Testament foreshadows the New Testament.

What has worked for me.

I like to keep a check list as to where I am for this month.  I’m not traditionally in the month of February in the plan, but to have a check list to keep track of what I have read keeps me accountable.

I’ve been keeping track of this in my bullet journal.  I only focus a month at a time, and that way I don’t trip myself up looking ahead for the whole year, then convincing myself that I cannot do it.  Yeah, I’ve done that before too.

If you are ever looking for a good plan to read the Bible in a one/two/three year, and don’t mind spending $5 for a good plan, I would highly recommend this one.

Have you made plan to read the Bible in one year?  What resource did you use?

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