First of all, I know. I was gone for mostly a year without a word or a peep. I should have said something, written, communicated—but I didn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to open my blog in all this time. Don’t know what it was, but I was full of all sort of emotions that eventually I turned inward. Not a great place to be—in your head all the time.

I’ve been writing since 2011. I had this blog for at least a decade. It’s been a long time. What I have noticed is that this blog has gone though some major changes with me as I entered different seasons in my life. It’s like a time capsule of some sort. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will continue to enjoy it.

Of all the changes that I’ve experienced over time, there are two things that still remain front and center to me. I love to dive deep into my faith. I love my faith history and learning about Bible history. The second is that I’m always about improving myself.

Lillypad of purple and pink in the late hours of the day
Photo: ha11ok / Pixabay

Over this time, I’ve noticed that I wondered away from that. I may have alienated some readers, or maybe I haven’t been sincere in my writing. Writing in a sense of what I think you want to hear, instead of writing what’s in my heart. I wrote for a version of “you” that didn’t exist, so instead, moving forward I’ll be writing my heart.

I look back at the books that I’ve read over time, and what captured my interest—and it was always the ability to build on my knowledge. I’ve strayed away from that. It’s funny to me since I saw what captured my interest and what I was writing, was divorced from each other. Recognizing that, I want to marry the two ideas back since it brought me and those around me, the most joy.

As I get older, I noticed that some things that was important to me are no longer. For example, music doesn’t sound the same—I’ve always been interested in the classics. I really don’t enjoy watching tv and I really don’t care about what the celebrities are doing.

Beautiful sunset that helps calm the soul
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I’m content where I am in life but I will always strive to improve myself. I won’t do this to compare myself with other people but because I’m interested in my own growth. I’m thankful where I’m at and wherever I’ll be I’ll be thankful for as well.

Raising a family and navigating the current times is hard enough. I’ve used my time to center myself and ground myself and I hope that through this new season, I can offer you calm, clarity, and help you focus on p what truly matters to you. This blog and writing will be my personal break away from the storm clouds and I hope you’ll join me for a bit and step out of the rain every now and then.