Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay

Welcome back my readers, if many of you are still here. If not, that’s okay, I’ll still write down my thoughts on this page. Many things has changed since my adventure of blogging in 2010. The internet kicked off in a big way, and there are so many micro blogs, and social media posts out there, it’s enough to keep your head swimming! I’m thankful for it though. I feel there is a space for everyone, and even if my blog doesn’t get seen enough, its really seen by important people like you.

Over the years, I’ve struggled with silence. Not so much of me speaking too much, but really the call for me to be silent. I couldn’t write, think, or take care of anything online. Once I tried, I would again feel like I needed to stay silent. So, as a result, instead of fighting what I was fighting, I decided to follow that advice and just wait until I am able to speak again.

Thinking back, it wasn’t any pressing issue that kept me silent, or not willing to say anything, but I don’t think I was in a good place to share my thoughts online. I think it could be too much noise and distractions. Places that I usually haunted to read started going offline blogging, and entered the social media space.

That is okay–we all need that moment to sit back and and collect our thoughts, and heal–even if it’s off line. I can’t say that things are better, but I can say that many things calmed down enough for me to start writing again.

In the meantime, I started a knitting blog that I’ve talked about here and there, but honestly, that’s just for me to geek out on my knitting projects, and I don’t think you’re interested in hear that. However, if you are, you can head over there. This space is still going to be my personal space where I share my thoughts about things that are happening and insight to life and things I question.

What finally brought be back to write online is my desire to write. I’m not a video blogging kind of person—honestly, I feel I do better with my words. Second, I desired the good ol’ days of sitting down and just reading something without disruptions. I also missed long form content. Sitting with a moment reading my favorite persons words-taking a break with a friend.

Yes, I still think about God, always, but you know that. What I like about this space is the moment to just slowly settle down and read something. I know there are so many social media sites to consume ideas so quickly, but how much time do we have to let it sink in. I read a lot, news, blogs, books, and sometimes, we just need to flesh out our thoughts.

I hope you don’t mind joining me again on this journey to deep dive into thought, feelings, and just current events of what’s going on in my head. While I love many social media sites, I find that it’s too fast for me, and I truly miss something slow. Maybe, oneday, I’ll start a pod cast so you can hear my random thoughts and how I speak.

Until the next post.