Welcome back my family in Christ. Sunday’s gospel talked about anger. Actually, it was the central theme for all the readings.

Have you ever read something and immediately thought, “Wow! I needed that today?” Yeah, I did too. This topic intrigued me in the past and still does to this day.

From my previous conversations we know that anger is a capital sin. It’s one of those emotions that’s not sinful in itself—but becomes sinful because what we do with it.

I love the parable Jesus told in the gospel about the unforgiving servant. I think at times we all found ourselves in this boat before. We have an argument with someone and it hasn’t been resolved yet. Then we begin to say our prayers—particularly the “Our Father,” and we come across that line that is conditional.

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” How many of us recognize that it is conditional? I mean yeah, when we think about it outside of our anger we know it, but we never really think about it. The gospel today reminds us of this, and I don’t know about you but I really need the reminder.

Anger doesn’t just mean you have to be at that point of screaming at someone, anger has so many levels. Did you know that resentment is a form of anger? Holding a grudge is also a form of anger too. Anger, although it’s a simple emotion to feel, it’s pretty complex when you think of all the forms of it.

There is a great book that I read often, and it’s called over coming sinful full anger. It’s a great book, and a short read, but full of so much information.

Ultimately, the best thing for us and our souls is to forgive others. When we were younger we were told to apologize for any offense we caused others. The person who was offended the. Would say, “I forgive you.” Those words, however, are more for the offended person.

You see, if we don’t forgive, it will eat at us. Have ever been around an older person who was just bitter? Well yeah, that bitterness is a form of anger as well.

I’ve been around individuals who are just so negative. They could put a damper on any positive mood. The complaints and bitbacking is unbelievable. Yet, the trend that I’ve noticed is that, they are just not happy. In their hearts, they are still holding on to some hurt—some injustice that was done to them previously, and over the years, they were just gnawing on it.

My friends in Christ, I don’t want that fate for you. No one wants to be around anyone that’s seething in a low boil anger all the time. To forgive one another not only helps them, but it’s good for our souls.

Let us forgive one another, as we would want God to forgive us.