Looking At The Second Mansion

Looking At The Second Mansion

  When it comes down to prayer, I can freely admit that I am still a beginner, in fact, I feel like I’m in the Second Mansion. There is so much that I need to learn, and grow and gain!  There is never a dull moment with me in my home—that’s for sure. I...

Secrets of New York City

Back in 1992, I caught wind of an African Burial ground in Manhattan.
This was HUGE back in the day to know, since the conditions of slavery has been treated to be only a southern thing.
Of course we know that slavery existed in the North, but we never really paid attention or asked how deep was it rooted in making New York City the city it is today.

Awakening My Parental Consciousness

  While walking with my daughter a complete stranger stopped me and started interesting conversation with me. Now, usually I don’t stop and have casual conversations with strangers, nor do I take advice that I didn’t ask for.  But this...

Sharing The Love: My Favorite Childhood Book

Growing up, I used to love Sesame Street. I used to know when the show was coming on and looked forward to seeing it everyday. I will even admit that I liked to watch it in my early teens. Of all my favorite characters, Grover was my favorite (even to this day)....