Dear Lord,

I would like to start by saying thank you.

I didn’t know I needed help laughing but this week, it’s been endless laughs.  From my daughter stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to dance because of music from a passing car, to her singing with the music in church.

Thank you for giving me such an energetic child. I can take her anywhere and she won’t tire out (still figuring out if this is really a positive thing).  Going out with her is not only fun, but exciting for me as well.  But it would be nice if she walked now and then.

Thank you for giving me the time to think.  My husband has been home for a four-day weekend (he had to go to the doctor), and has helped out so much.  I feel so much pressure being lifted from my shoulders and my daughter is have four full days with her daddy.

With my hubby home, home he has allowed me to decompress. I now feel like I can tackle the world!