Image source: Alcino via Flickr

Being at home, you know you have a profound impact on those around you. Maybe you changed your family’s point of view of stay at home moms, or homemakers. Perhaps you realized that it’s okay for not doing it all–after all something will be lacking.

But you do what you do for your family, because you love them. You want to make sure that everything is running smoothly so that everyone can do what they have to do. It may be hard sometimes, but which job isn’t?

There are still many things that take my breath away, and I am still capable of being swept off my feet.

This past Sunday, we were sitting in the kitchen eating dinner. My daughter was doing her usual, singing, and humming and eating, while my husband and I were talking.

Out of the blue, my husband just thanked me. Just like that. He thanked me for everything that I do around here, and for having such a good attitude about it.

He thanked me for making his breakfast at night so that he can eat it on the way to work in the morning.

He thanked me for taking care of our daughter, and said he was proud of what I was doing with her.

He thanked me for keeping the fort down, and thanked me for marrying him.

Like I said, I can still be swept off my feet.

I know that mothers and wives do what we need to do not because we want the fame and glory or we want our spouses in debt to us. We do it out of love.

So when my husband came out of left field and thanked me, that meant more to me than all the flowers that he could buy.

Flowers die, but words, they live on in memories. ~Kalley C

This evening, when your husband or wife comes home, thank them. Thank them for what they do. Be it go to work, grocery shopping, staying up late with a sick kid, or taking all the kids to school.

Try to be mindful. We sometimes take advantage of each other without even realizing it, but we can all learn to improve in time.

How often do you let your spouse know they are appreciated? How do you say thank you?