Extending The Olive Branch

I am a believer that most people deserve second chances. There are times when something goes wrong in a relationship, that could have been from misunderstanding, or lack of knowledge that leaves both parties with different perspectives.

If a second chance cannot be given, then I am the kind of person who at least tries to understand your position. I don’t have to agree with it, but I will be open enough to try to understand it.

There are not many times in our lives when we get a second chance at something–be it relationships or opportunities. What I have noticed with some people, is that when an olive branch is extended, they do not take it. Years later they complain that they were forgotten by that person, or that person didn’t care.

The real honest truth is, when a second opportunity is given, you have to make that choice to grab it. If it’s offered, and you want it, you have to be ready to take it. If not, it’s going to be lost. There will not be anyone to blame but yourself.

Second chances don’t always come at the right time, or when it’s convenient for us, but when they do come, they are precious. They are that moment that you have been waiting for to settle something, or create peace in your home.

A lot of times, you don’t have to wait for it to come to you, you can create those chances yourself as well. Maybe the other person is not sure how it’s going to be accepted, so they never extend themselves, or maybe you were the person who was in the wrong who needs to correct things.

Either way, there is no need to carry around past hurt, or guilt. No need to walk around saying that there were things that you should have done, could have done.

It’s not only enough to wish for changes, but sometimes we must to put ourselves out there in order to see those changes we’re looking for.

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Roses Daughter
Roses Daughter

I believe in second chances. Sometimes, people ( including myself) just mess up! But a second chance doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten. But I’m willing to move forward.


Very good point. I cosign this!


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This really resonated with me. I am always willing to give the benefit of the doubt and a second chance but some people hold grudges. At that point I let them know the ball is in their court when they are ready to be mature about it.


I don’t usually give second chances because at the end of the day the person has not changed what they do they just changed how they do it. I will however speak to you if I were to see you out and about but that is as far as I am willing to go. I have given second chances in the past but I have been burned so many times that I stopped. I just can’t do it but that does not mean people have to be nasty or rude.


Good post, does give us something to think about. Some do deserve a second chance and some don’t. I know we all mess up and thats part of life. I have giving some a second chance and hey they have prove me right and made me think what the heck was I thinking to give them that chance. And some prove me wrong and blew me away. I believe no I know I would want a second chance.


I visited this post yesterday, but it kind of continued to stand out after I read it. I wanted to add that we have to remember that it could be us in that situation needing a second chance, so be careful how you treat others.
I’ve learned you never know where life will take you and who you will need to call on.


AMEN! I second this. Sometimes we unintentionally hurt people. It may take some time to realize what we have done and want to make it right. As a person who may want to make it right it would be my sincere hope that someone would recognize how sorry I truly am and at least try to give me another chance to make things right. For this reason I treat each person as an individual. If they are reaching out I will try to meet them half way to assess if I feel they are being genuine and we move on… Read more »


I am a firm believer in second chances because no one is perfect. I have made mistakes, sometimes intentional and sometimes unintentional. I want people to be able to forgive me so I do forgive others.


I believe in giving 2nd and sometimes 3rd chances. I won’t allow myself to be used or taken for granted, but I do understand that any given day, even the people who we have trusted to love us unconditionally will sometimes hurt us deeply.


I’m all for second chances depending on what was done. If a friend let’s a secret spill, I’d probably give a second chance. If a boyfriend cheated, I probably wouldn’t. And I never forget.


beautifully written. second chances it’s hard to give but once it is given one has to be careful not to lose it again.