One Word


When December 31st came and went, I spent most of my New Year’s day reflecting on many things.

GG Rene, a fellow blogger, asked her readers: How do you want to feel in 2013?  So I have been thinking about my feelings.

I know that I have been short with the people who I love.  I know that I have been impatient with somethings that they do when I ask them to do it. I know that I have been very hard on myself when learning something new.

What I also know is that I don’t like feeling like that.  I don’t like feeling like everything is going to make me come up short with someone.

After having a new baby in the family, and really seeing how big Zee is (sometimes a good and bad thing), my expectations have been more than what people around me can do.

So this year, I decided to link up to the One Word 365 challenge.

The word that I have chosen for myself is Patience.

Instead of resolutions, I’m going to focus on one word.  In all that I do for myself and my family, I will focus on being Patient.

  • I know I will get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  It will just take time.
  • I will have to accept the delays that happen in my life, and learn to be okay with them.  Things happen.
  • I will be more understanding with myself when trying to learn something new and know that it takes more than one nap time to get it.

These are just some of the things that have been on my mind.

So this is my focus on 2013.


{I’m so happy that Melanie is doing a link up for the one Word 365 challenge.  She is the owner of the blog Only A Breath and she also did these sweet image graphics that you see ar the top of the post.  If you’re interested in joining check out the link party here.}