A Heavy Burden to Carry


There are just too many things that I am thankful for, that I do not know where to start.

But I will start somewhere.

This Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  A national holiday where we celebrated a man who did great things.  Thinking about his goals and what he was able to accomplish before he was assassinated was amazing.

While we celebrated MLKJr.’s accomplishments, I took several days to seriously reflect.


And thought hard.

A man during difficult times stepped out of line and said, things has to change.  He didn’t wait for someone to do it for him, but saw himself as a leader to lead the pack.

He knew the risks of stepping out of line, and speaking out of turn, but yet he did it.

Not only did he receive opposition from people who felt (at first) he was not going to do any good, he also received double talk from the government and society that he was trying to change.

Did you know that the FBI at the time called him a threat?

Did you know that any chance L. Johnson had, he tried to discredit Dr. King? Destroy his character?  And tear him down?

How many of us are willing to take that torch?  Knowing the obstacles, and knowing what it means for our family?

Who can keep their heads high and strong knowing that everything is against you.  But deep down, you know these conditions are wrong.

This Monday that passed, I not only celebrated Dr. King’s accomplishments; I also celebrated his life and determination.

I asked myself, are my feet strong enough to walk a mile in his shoes?  To that question, I have no answer.

Our problems are difficult because they are our problems.  However, Dr. King’s cross was much bigger and much heavier.

He not only carried his personal problems upon his shoulders, but he carried the problems of society as well.

Even though the day that we celebrate him has passed, I hope that every day we recognize not only his accomplishments but those who have also carry more than their share.

It is amazing how far having a dream can take you.


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I love this post. He did carry a cross but he was given the strength to carry it and he did what he was meant to do. A dream can take you places some of us dream dreams that are so big that it scares us but we must try and at least start


You are so right. He was given the strength to carry such a heavy cross.

Also I agree with you about dreams, some of them are very big and scary but we do owe it to ourselves to try.


Yes he did carry a huge burden. I went to see the Mountaintop last month in Atlanta. It was touching to watch and think about just how different things were and now to sit amongst all of these blessings and know that many are a direct result of sacrificial people like Dr. King. Very nice post!


Absolutely, Martin Luther King paid the price and paved the way for men, women, minority and majority to walk in their truest self. That burden was well worth it, I am so proud of his accomplishments, we all are. And in that same note, we must all strive to help one another, do social good that benefit others as well. Great post lady!

Teresha F

We all stand on his shoulders and owe it to the Civil Rights leaders to be shining examples of the struggle


The entire legacy of Dr. King is just amazing. Sometimes I think I know it all then I learn some more incredible things about his journey, like I did in this post. He had a specific purpose from God and he fufilled it. He did what he was put on earth to do, all while carrying that burden on himself. His work was raw, and it was true. He was sent to be an agent of change. He did it. May he rest in peace.


The older I get, the more I appreciate Dr. King. His words and visions were so prophetic. He is an example for us all to speak words to our dreams and keep our minds open to possibilities that aren’t always readily apparent in our present moments. Beautiful post.


I thought a lot about him and what it really meant to step out as he did. I kept coming back to how young he was. It’s amazing to have that kind of foresight and faith and determination at that age. Truly amazing.


Hi Kalley! He was a martyr who died for a cause…the right that all men are deserving of equality. May we never forget! Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Have a blessed evening!

Michell @Prowess and Pearls

Katherines Corner

a wonderful tribute post!!! Hopping over from Michell’s to leave some bloggy ♥

Misty Kearns

Great post and so very true. I don’t know that I would have the courage he had. (found you through the SITS link up)


Beautifully written. Visiting from SITS 🙂


I dig this post. i don’t know why we end up celebrating a great person during only one day of the year. we should celebrate the great things our ancestor did more often. but i am glad his wisdom is recognized.