The Gift of Saying Yes

Image working, doing your own thing and an angel appears to you. Getting over your initial fear, you listen and then you are told that you have been chosen to be the vessel that will carry the Savior of the world!

Imagine being a young woman about to be married to a carpenter, and you never had relations with anyone.  You just wonder how can all this be possible!

Then imagine saying “yes” to this task and never knowing what the future will hold.

I remember my first positive pregnancy test, and even though i am married, it was still scary.

This season of advent I think about this. How a simple yes changed the world forever.

Everyday we are given a choice to say yes.

It may not affect the whole world, but it does affect someone’s world.

When someone asks something of you, think how easy it is to say no.

Now think what changes you can make, and be a part of, just by saying yes.

Opening your heart to receive a new friend.

Donating your time to a local charity.

Reading a book to your child, even though you are really tired.

Going out your way to bring a care package to someone who is ill.

Calling a loved one on the phone just to say hi.

Everyday we are invited to say, yes, but how many times do we actually say it?

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Yes! I love this one, too! I think there is power in saying “yes,” to opening ourselves to the world and offering what we have to others…to the universe.


I need to say yes more to the things that matter and no to the things that don’t. I get it backwards to much.

Lovely post.


Beautiful Post. We’re so used to being told we don’t say No enough that we forget when ‘yes’ is needed and appreciated. I agree it’s good to say ‘yes’ to doing good works and saying ‘yes’ when you really mean it.