Expressing Joy in Everything You Do!

I was going through my pictures, and I came across one that I took while out to the Cherry Blossom Festival last year!


I love this picture, because it not only showed how people were interpreting Spring for themselves, but how they showed what made them happy, and creative at the same time!

These three individuals would look out-of-place anywhere else, but on this day at the Botanical Gardens, everyone was either dressed up as their favorite super hero or favorite character.

The individuals who were dressed up this day was BOLD! No doubt about it.  You have to be if you’re going to be traveling with these costumes.  But I love it!  Fears aside, they showed what they love and I think that is what made it a hit!

If we are fortunate to go to this festival again this Spring, I’ve learned to not bring the car (parking was crazy!) and be more adventurous when taking pictures!

This trip has also taught me something: to be brave.  It was the first time that I brought Little Z out to an event, and while I should have picked a less crowded one, we all had fun.  Also, it was the first time that I loved taking pictures of people who wanted to be photographed!  New York has some amazing personalities, and I think at some point in my life I would love to capture that.

One day I’ll be brave enough to do a Stranger 100 challenge!  

For now, I know I talk a lot about Joy on Sunday, because I simply cannot get enough of it!  It is what makes me smile in the morning.  It reminds me why I do what I do every single day (even when my kids are cranky).  Unhappiness or sadness lasts only for about a moment, and then I’m reminded of this quote:


So with that and everything that we go through, we need to take a deep breath and know that these phases will pass, and in order to see the rainbow, you have to endure the rain.

Like these strangers in this picture, I’m just going to embrace it and enjoy it!

Dear Lord,

There is happiness all around us.  Remind us to open our eyes to see it, and know that after the dark there is light.


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What a beautiful post! I have been really working hard to embrace the joy lately. It doesn’t always come easy for me but it’s worth it to keep looking for all things wonderful.


I love this post Kalley, and what an eye catching picture. I kept wondering if they were cosplaying!

Mrs. ShuGar

Those people in the pic are fab! They look like they are having fun and I think their costumes are awesome. I agree with you; The rain is what makes us appreciate the sun and rainbow. It’s hard being in the thick of a big storm, but, ultimately, we survive and are able to appreciate beauty. These people in the pic seem to sure have it down.

Alison Hector

Love the photo, Kalley! They sure were bold, weren’t they? I don’t know whether you follow Humans of New York on Facebook. I think there’s also a book out by the same name. The photographer interviews people he meets along the way in NY and shares their quotes and photos. It’s very touching sometimes and often very funny. You should check it out!

Yum Yucky

Yes, Lord. Open up our eyes. There is goodness all around us. 🙂


Love this! So truly beautiful


I think they look wonderful and happy! So relaxed! I wish I could go out dressed like that!