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We had a crazy week!  We were hit with two snow storms in the same week–Maximus and Nola.  Whew!

As you know, I don’t mind the snow, since it’s a great time to workout while shoveling, but this time I took Linus with me on my outside adventure.

Immediately, he threw himself into the snow!




Linus quickly tried to stand up, but found out quickly that he was in over his head!




I told him not to worry, and I got him out right away.  Even though he didn’t have a jacket on, he threw himself into his work.





Like any child, he was proud of his work, and didn’t mind posing for me.  Thank you Linus for the photo!




I really don’t know how much snow we’re going to get by the end of winter, but I’ll take what I can get for now.  Soon it will be hot, and I’ll be wishing for winter (well…maybe fall) again.

As for Linus, I’m not sure what I enjoy more, hiding him and taking pictures of him doing different things, or making up a story with him.  Who knows!  I guess it depends on where the wind takes me.

How about you, did Maximus blow your way?  How about Nola?  And what’s up with naming these storms?  Share your thoughts about the pictures or the weather below!

Until next week!