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Fall: Post Sandy

{This post was originally published in November 8, 2013.  Republished with editing. October 2012, a superstorm Sandy hit NYC along with other areas in the North East.  My mother’s home, like so many homes flooded and...

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LTML 35: The Reader

Our days are usually a grind.  We wake up, pray, wash up, brush our teeth, pray, eat our breakfast, clean up, and then start our lessons. We grind daily to the point that there are days when I cannot step back and enjoy the...

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LTML34: Making New Foods

The past few weeks, I have put my extra energy to good use in the kitchen.  My baby boy is getting older, and I have noticed that his tastes has changed a lot too! I have mentioned before that he was a picky eater, so I wanted...

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LTML33: Six To One

As my youngest is getting older, I sense that there is a shift going on with how I’m feeling and how I’m writing.  I know you noticed, but bear with me!  A lot of my humor and joy has been reserved for my kids.  That...

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LTML30: Life With A Boy

Ever since Little Z was able to run and ride his bike (among other things) life with a boy is very different from life with a girl! Zee may dream of princes and parties, Little Z (at the moment) loves on crashing things and...

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LTML 28: All Aboard!

I did mention that I was a sucker for museums right? Okay, glad that you remember that.  Well, another spot that we always walk by, but never seem to go into is the New York Transit Museum.  This week of: Life Through My Lens, I...

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LTML26: A Diversion

First, I can’t believe that we are now in week 26 of the year, and I’m in week 26 of my project 52.  Things didn’t turn out the way that I expected, but that’s okay.  Since Linus is out of commission, I...

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LTML25: Seriously Serious

So…Mr. C and I have been talking about getting something new for LittleZ. You see, when your in the home of an older sister, you sometimes are surrounded by girl toys…a a lot. So we wanted to get something special...

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