This weekend,  I decided to do something crazy.  Can you guess what it is?  Okay here’s the picture…


I went to the beach!  This was an absolute first for me.  Of all my years of living near the water, I have never, and I mean NEVER been to the beach during the winter.  I have never even seen the boardwalk covered in snow!

When I stepped onto the boardwalk (which to me seemed like the first time) I was amazed.  In my mind it looks the same way all year-long.


Nope, apparently, the impression that I had in my mind was removed and replaced by something more magical and breathtaking.

For the first time, I saw winter at the beach and I loved it!

It’s a silly thought, but I never really thought about the beach in the winter.  In my mind,  winter never comes to the beach, but I’m glad to have experienced it, and found something positive to dwell on during all these storms.

I look at the snow on the boardwalk, and we started to walk  all I can think about was:


If you ever walked on these boardwalk (or any boardwalk), you know that the boards could be slightly uneven, nails could be somewhat out-of-place, and you can easily trip.  With the snow added to this mix, you cannot help but walk by faith.

You cannot see where your foot is going, and you do not know if you will fall.

But regardless, you plant your foot down, and you walk. One step after the other.

How beautiful is that?  You know that God will watch you while you make every move, and every move we must trust in God.

We cannot plan everything.  We cannot plan every step we make.

We have to learn how to walk by faith, not by sight.

Our road may not always be clear, but if we walk by faith, and not by sight we will be alright.


Dear Lord, we know that we cannot make every decision alone. We understand that all things are in your hands.  For things that we are uncertain about, let us walk by faith and not by sight.  Cannot know every possible outcome, and therefore we must trust our faith in you. Remind us Lord that it is not a sign of weakness to lay our problems at your doorstep, but it is a sign of strength in you.


What decisions have you made this week by faith?