{I used an overlay to give this photo some texture or grit, and I set the opacity to about 30% so that it wasn’t in your face grit}

About the Photo—

I have undertaken a project in our home that has managed to turn this place up side down! Since LittleZ started to walk, and became more sure of himself, I wanted to make sure that he would be safe in doing so.

After finally making some changes for him and Zee to play, while opening up their space, I set him down.

The blocks in the toy chest was the first thing he reached for. He can’t build with these yet (that’s why we bought mega blocks for him hahaha) but he loves to hand the pieces over to his sister so that she can do something with it.

One of the many times of my two children playing with each other.

So this odd shape of a block was made with love, from my oldest to my youngest. (insert aaawwww moment 😉 )


From the time my daughter was born, I wondered how she would be with an older sibling.

Will she be gentle with them as I have been gentle with her? Do I have to explain love at every moment, or will she simply feel it because it is what she knows?

Would she comfort them, as I comfort her when she cries?

Through her actions, she has shown me that she has learned all along. She’s learned comfort, love, understanding—even in it’s simplest forms she learned and is continuing to learn.

When I look at my children playing together I realize that we are no different—we may be older, but we are still children.

Most of us eventually search for a meaning to our lives, without knowing that meaning has to come from understanding.

But like children, we cannot simply be told what is the right thing to do, we have to experience it. We have to see, feel, touch, and taste it in order for us to understand it.  For it to become part of who we are.

It is through the gift of my children that I can see beautiful meaning of God’s laws, and how it has the power to shape our thoughts and actions every day.

Just like I see my daughter play with her brother.

As adults we struggle with the concept of love, but as children-its simple and straight forward, and for some it comes in forms of blocks.


Dear Lord, I am grateful to be Your child. Please continue to teach me through your love, and understanding. We ask Lord to allow your love to comfort us.