Today Is A Gift

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present. – Eleanor Roosevelt


Not too often am I reminded of the many possibilities of today.  What is today for most of us?  

It usually consists of running errands, doing our best to get things done, and surviving to see tomorrow.  But in all of our busyness,  we sometimes forget the importance of today.  The precious gift that we are given that we (including myself) take for granted.



Quit Talking About Tomorrow.


We usually tend to fall into the habit of talking about our dreams and goals, things that we will do in all the tomorrows that we have planned.  It’s great that we have goals, and dreams, but we cannot forget that today is as precious as the hope of tomorrow.

We hope that tomorrow will come for us.  We hope that we will have more time to make things right, to do things right–but we simply do not know what tomorrow will bring.  


What if Today Was Your Last Day?


Last year I asked myself, How Would I Want To Be Remembered?  It’s a running question in my home and one that I share all the time with my family.  Do I want to be remembered as always out of the picture?  Never having enough time with my family?  

If today was my last day, would I say, “I wish I would have worked more?”  or “Maybe I should have scrubbed the tub again?”  


These things will be the furthest from my mind.

Instead, I know I will be asking, and hoping that I spent as much time with my family as I could.  That I showed them love and how to love.  That not everything we end up doing we like to do, but we end up loving  to do it, because we love our families.

Too often we get caught up in the soil of here and now.  That we are so buried deep with our responsibilities that we do not take our heads out of the dirt and look around.


Stop and Truly Smell The Roses.


Everyday, I sit down and I say thank you for just one more day.  Thank you for a roof over my head.  Thank you for a peaceful nights rest.  I know I have no right complaining about not getting enough sleep, after all:

      • There are people who are losing everything they have now due to storms.
      • I have a bed to lay my head down tonight.
      • My family is safe and sound.

All over the news, I’m hearing about storms and tornadoes ripping through communities, and changing lives.  Am I going to sit around and complain about how much I need to get done?  Nope.  I have to put things in perspective.  I’m learning that I must be grateful and thankful for today.


Let Go.


I can say we should let go of our past; that we should learn to forget and forgive (very important lessons) but I think letting go is more than just that.  Letting go is letting it all go.

Past, and future.  Not counting the chickens before they hatch.  Truly looking at our lives for what they are–here and now–and learn how to live.

Not just survive.

But live.



Do you find yourself taking things for granted?  How often do you remember that today was a gift?  What is something you are going to change starting today?


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Letting go is so hard for me but when you let go you can be free. I want to be remembered for something or touch a life in some way and I am making it my mission to do that. This post was right on time because I feel some changes taking place with me.

Yum Yucky

It’s a wonderful reminder. Thank you Kalley!

Jeannie Pallett

Your words really touched my heart this morning…when my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, yes, we went through the gamut of emotions but the one thing that continues to stand out with him, who is now the HEALED, is his incredible kindness, thoughtfulness, friendliness everywhere…I can’t hardly write this for the tears…but I saw a man, who IF he passed away, people would have nothing but beautiful things to say about his character. I felt like I was a bit like a grouchy wife! but the experience changed me. It has made me want to love better, more, freely… Read more »


Such a great reminder to live in the present and cherish life and living now…not yesterday or tomorrow but now. Great to just stop and be reminded of today as a gift! Thank you!


Hi Kalley C! I am coming over from Wanda’s link-up.

My husband and I were just talking about this. It’s too easy to be scared by the future, and regret the past. I wish it was hard to do! Focusing on the ‘right now’ is the best thing to do, because I living it…right now. It reminds me of the Scripture passage where Jesus is saying tomorrow will have it’s own problems. Just deal with the now.

Nice to meet you!


What a great reminder…I needed this today! I love your blog. 🙂


You are so right, today is an amazing gift. When I pray I try to thank Him for all of the little things as well as the big things.


Thank you for this beautiful and powerful post. I am so grateful for each day and the things we are hearing that are happening in the world are so deeply sad that we can’t not be thankful.. We are fortunate for the big and small things in our lives..


This was such an encouraging truthful post! It is definitely how I live my life for sure. I even say Yah or Yahuah (Hebrew for the Creator) willing if I even say that I will do something later or in future. Because you are right. More than just if a day will be our last, we don’t know if a moment will be our last. It’s why I put the things with my family first. I know it’s what I was created for and each passing moment with them is ever so special! 🙂


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