Building Positive Memories

Making Positive Memories


A few weeks ago, I wrote about to putting our best foot forward, but somehow I could not stop thinking about how I wanted to be remembered.

On my way to church, I kept saying to myself, if this is my last day, how would others remember me?  My children?  My spouse?

It’s a scary concept to think about (at least for me), but it’s a concept that will at some point cross everyone’s mind.

Everyday, we are reminded that nothing in life is guaranteed, except death.  So even though we know not the day nor the hour, we still end up living like we have a tomorrow.

But again, how will I be remembered?  Earlier this year, I committed myself to my one word, and every day I strive to make good on my promise to myself.

Even though I had goals attached to that word, it didn’t occur to me about the how my mindful actions would affect my family.

The Yelling Mama  ~ I tend not to raise my voice anymore.  I simply state what I was expect.  If it’s not heeded, my daughter know there is a consequence.

 Impatient MamaCounting has been my best friend this year.  It’s amazing how much you can be calmed down by numbers.

Accepting Mama ~ I tell myself that this will pass.

Appreciative Mama ~ Most importantly, I enjoy the small things.

Grateful Mama ~ No one’s job is easy, and everyone should be acknowledged for what they do well.

These days, in everything that I do, I ask myself,  Is this how I want to be remembered?  and  Did I tell my loved ones that I love them today?

I try not to leave any situation with harsh words.  At this stage in life for me, it’s not about being liked, its about living with myself.

How about you?  How would you like to be remembered?

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Wow, what a unique way to think about how to go about your day. How do I want to be remembered, certainly not as evil sister, rotten daughter, or awful friend…I think the days when I’m trying to put off work that really matters and makes impact I will keep this in the back of my mind. Thanks Kalley!

Mrs. Delightful

This post is such a good reminder… I think about this topic all the time. Thanks for posting this!!


Asking that question is a good one for everyone (especially with the recent advent of IG video SMH!), but that aside, I think this is a good train of thought that I need to adopt especially in having more patience with my daughter. Past 5p.m. after a really long, often non-napping day together this question I’m sure will save me a few exasperated moments! Thank you for sharing your philosophy and I definitely want to check out Unconditional Parenting as well.


Can I pick all of them? I use to count down but then the kids would count with me so I would say by the time I count to 3 it better be done then I would say 3 and then they would say 4,5, and on and on so it was more like a game and they didn’t take me seriously so I stopped lol


This hit my heart. Wow. I’m almost speechless because as I look back on my day I have yelled at my girls, been impatient with them, not totally grateful for those little moments that pass so quickly. Wow. There are those moments that really make you stop and take a really sober look at yourself. This post is it for me today. Thank you.


I made a commitment not to yell also. It’s been hard, and I’ve slipped a few times, but I’m getting better.
I never used to count. But CDub started doing it and I saw it worked for him. So I started doing it too. It doesn’t always work for Pookah, but it works for me.
I’m working on being accepting mama. I know that this too shall pass, but while you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to remember.


I tried to comment a few days ago, but not sure what happen. very interesting post, does give me a lot to think about with everything thats going on with my life. Thank you for sharing this post, pray all is well on your end. Many Blessings 🙂

Sarah {LeftBrainBuddha}

This is just beautiful. Taking a mindful pause to breathe is an important part of my calming-mom strategies, and I also love the mantra “This too shall pass.” You’ve framed it in such a great way, about how do I want to be remembered? Thanks for such a powerful reminder about calm, mindful, and grateful parenting!

So glad I found you from the SITS share!


Love the post…so thoughtful and honest. It’s a wonderful way to start the day and teach our kids how to start their day as well.



I think about my legacy often. I think a lot about how I want “outside” people to remember me….and I just realized this, at this moment. I don’t give much thought (and it’s sad) about how my children will remember me. I just assume that they’ll always think highly of me. Hmmmmm
Great post! It has me truly thinking about the legacy that I’m leaving with and for my children!

Julie Jordan Scott

I love the devotion to being mindful of how your actions impact your family. They are blessed to have you!

I want to be remembered as a woman who made a difference, who stood up for what she believes in and stands actively beside others… and that’s just a start.

I’m grateful to have found you via #sitssharefest today.

Kesha of We Got Kidz

This piece was great! It’s a very good reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised. Concentrating on how you interact with your family and friends and making the best of every moment is a beautiful montra. 🙂

New friend visiting from SITS 🙂

Teresha F

I want to be the mom my kids think I am. patient and loving, firm but kind, ready with open heart, open mind, open ears.


Those a great memories to leave for your kids when they reflect on their childhood!


Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing on my What Are You Doing? Blog hop!


I love this reminder. There are some days I lose my patience easily, and words come out of my mouth before I have a chance to filter them. When I think about it later and try to picture how I might feel as a child on the receiving end of those words, I am always remorseful. I look forward to putting these ideas into practice.