This week for Life Through My Lens Thursday, I’m sharing a place with you that I always love going to.  Manhattan China Town.   Here are a few pictures that I took while walking with the family.   What really brings this place to life for me, is knowing that not much has changed from the first time I visited this place.

Of course now, things are changing tourism has left its mark on the area, and the nearby surrounding area (Little Italy) is getting smaller, as this place is getting bigger.

  For me and Mr. C, it’s a classic.  This is our “default” place to hang out and see what’s new.  Also, it’s not a bad spot to share my husband’s culture with our children.  

  There are a lot of buildings that have the same construction, but when I look up and see the wall of fire escapes and signs written in Chinese, I sometimes feel like I’m experiencing an old world.  

  True to form, a church is never too far away from the busy hustle and bustle of making money in the streets.  

These days, who can visit Chinatown, and not get lost in the array of different items these vendors have for sale.  If you take your time inside these stores, you’ll find something that will add color and life to your home.  

“New York” is never too far away for those that really wants to wear it.  Even though I’m from the area, but I do not mind sporting my state.  It’s one of the best ways to have fun in NYC.

What I love about roaming in NYC is that if we take the time out to act like tourists-at least for a moment, is really fun.  Also, I’m trying to slow down and see things through my children’s eyes, after all, I have seen all of this many times, but never had I thought to take pictures of it.  

Now that I have it on camera (was just about to say film) I can appreciate how different, yet amazing all parts of our city is.


Notes about these pictures:

  • I used my iPhone5 to take all the photos. (left the big girl at home for this).
  • All pictures were taken while walking (no, really….I didn’t get a chance to stop walking).


What I like:

  • I’m really feeling black and white for these pictures.  It really feels like home for me when I see these pictures.

So tell me: What do you like about these pictures?  Have to been to Chinatown in Manhattan?  How about any Chinatown? Leave your response in the comments below! (Also, if you really like it, why not share this post πŸ™‚ )