This week for Life Through My Lens, we stayed close to home.

Everyone has been sick (except for me but I’m sure I’m next) so there was no great adventure.  But that’s okay.  I find that I don’t usually have to look far to find something to take a picture of.

Since everyone has been under the weather, it was good time to check out some of the flowers that we planted a few weeks ago.  Of course, they looked better when we first got them, but it was my laziness that decided not to capture them sooner.

I guess I always figured that they will still (still as in always) be blooming.  But life doesn’t happen that way, does it?  

Any who, on to the pictures!


It took me some time to find this flower but I am in love with the fiery colors of the red, orange and yellow.  I have no idea what the name of this flower is, but it sure does look pretty!  This one reminds of a child that is looking for attention in front of the camera.

To think this was in a pot hiding in the back of the garden!



This is one of my favorite flower shots so far.

It promises so much “perfection” yet it’s missing symmetry with the loss of a few petals.

Regardless, it will not bow down to a few broken petals. It’s still bright and vibrant and very much alive!



About these pictures:

        • Again, these are iPhone pictures. I’ve got a bit lazy and I need to take the big girl out to take pictures. However I’m learning that no matter what took I’m using, I’m only limited to my mind.
        • I need to step out more. these pictures reminds me how much I need to step out and enjoy nature a bit more. I enjoy being outdoors but don’t get the opportunity to enjoy it  as much.
        • The coloring of the flowers reminds me of how children color in pictures.  If you look closely, you see spots of white, as if color missed a few spots–just an interesting observation (everything reminds me of children it seems).
        • Only two.  I originally had more pictures to share with you, but then I decided against it since I didn’t like them all that much.  And you know what they say…only share what you love (okay, maybe that’s my motto 🙂 )

What do you like about these pictures? Do you always get a chance to step out when the mood strikes you?