Season of Peace

Have you noticed how often we use the word peace? 

We are at peace.  They keep the peace.  I’m looking for peace and quiet.

We throw around the word so much these days, that we forget what it means to be at peace.  In the worldly sense, peace means tranquility.  But can we be in tranquility all the time?  Can we wake up in peace, not have any disturbances, and end our day in peace?  Nope.  Honestly, it just doesn’t happen.

The toil of daily life calls us.  Frustrates us.  


Advent of Peace


This week of Advent the second candle is lit.  The candle of peace.  In the secular sense, peace can be obtained by mediating, or by doing various poses of Yoga, or even baking to relieve the tension of the day.

In the news we hear about war, turmoil, strife, and sickness.  We see, and are fully aware of so much despair out there, that we will begin to question to ourselves: what is peace?

As we focus on the peace this week in Advent, we are reminded that Christ is coming.  We are truly not forgotten, we suffer for a purpose.


True Image of Peace


I am reminded of the sign of peace that we give each other at Mass.  Not only are we saying that we want peace for our brothers and sisters, but we are saying that the peace that we hope for them, is the peace that can only be offered through Christ.

These days, I’m truly amazed at how our secular world views God, and the peace that is offered through Him.  Too many times the image religion and our relationship with God has been distorted.  People view God’s plan for us as one that limits us, instead of seeing that it is plan that will ultimately give us peace.  


Peace Is A Fruit of Victory


We understand that peace is important this season.  We have so many things point towards it, but Peace does not and will not come easy.  Peace is not as elusive as it seems, but it can come once we win the battle of our own spirit.  There are vices that we must be made aware of.  In order to gain Peace, we must truly look at ourselves, which is painful to do, and we must let the light shine on our darkness.

By doing so, we are letting Christ come into our lives, and burn away our impurity.  Let this Advent season be the catalyst we need to change our minds, as well as our hearts.  Let our actions flow from our new awareness.  If we only change our minds, but our actions do not show that change, then we are truly not making any changes.

Change of mind begins with the intellect.  We therefore allow our values to become more aligned with God’s truth.


Have you been thinking about the changes in our life this Advent season?  Are you working on aligning your values with God’s truth?

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