6 Years of Blogging And Counting….

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Six years ago I began to self-hosting my blog.  It was my husband who did all the work, but since I started blogging (2009 – off and on to 2011 to most of the time), this corner of the web has been mine.  A lot has changed about me since I started blogging.

When I first started I was a mom of one, and I just started to become a stay at home mom.  After so many years of working, I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I had this new life to take care of, and I had a new “me” to define.

At first I started writing about my day to day life, and eventually that turned into the things that I enjoy and escapism.  I blogged about things that I was trying, and my life at home.  Still I wasn’t satisfied.  Deep down I wanted to write about my faith, but something was holding me back.

Eventually, I began to write about what made me happy (my Faith and God) but I quickly realized that those who wanted to follow my journey will, and those who don’t…won’t.  I’ve read some awesome blogs, and was invited into the lives of other people.  For that I briefly found my community, and was thankful for the many blog-friends that I have met along the way.  Some continued to blog, others no.

Fast forward to today, and I can clearly see that I am  not the same mom that I was years ago. I don’t care much for makeup, I like my days simple, and I have found a new love.  Art form that is.  I now have three children, and my days are just busy.  For that I’m thankful though.  Each of their births has caused me to slow down and truly savor what it is to have an infant again.  (Secretly, this is my favorite stage–I can hug them so much and kiss them that all they can do is take it.)

As for my faith, I’ve noticed that I have grown too.  Before, I was mainly “shy” about talking about Catholicism, as if it was something that we just don’t discuss.  Now, I’m more bold about living my Catholic faith, and embracing it.  So with me, there is no shyness about saying a ‘Hail Mary’ or pulling out my Rosary, I’ve done it everywhere I had a chance to pray it! (Doesn’t everyone carry the Rosary with them?)

For that, I’m thankful that it has been 6 years self-hosted blog, and even though I’ve been quiet (summer is just busy around here, there are so many things that are churning in my mind to write down).

So, if you’ve been with me all this time, thank you.  If you’re new to my blog, than grab some tea  (I’m into Jasmine Green Tea now) and sit back and enjoy.

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Michelle D Garrett

Wait! I missed a whole baby! GOODNESS! I need to get it together! I’m so glad that we connected via blogging. Your words inspire me in so many ways and have helped me through some really bleak moments over the years.