Falling In Love with the Rosary



In the past, I’ve never really been consistent with praying the Rosary.  I have prayed it, but then stopped, or done it part way because I though it was too long and I couldn’t get through it.  I know, very childish (sorry God).  But then there was a moment during Lent that I said, “That’s it, I’m going to pray the Rosary!”  I chose Lent to start because it was easy, for the 40-days, it’s usually the Sorrowful Mysteries.  In that way, I can pray the rosary, but memorize the Sorrowful Mysteries as well–awesome, right?

What I didn’t know was how I was going to love praying the rosary.  How the prayer was like breathing, and the days that I missed it (due to the craziness of life), are the days that feel like it was incomplete.   I still go through moments when I’m on fire and pray the rosary sometimes up to 2 times a day, and other days, I struggle to get through one full rosary in a day.

Rosary-Liturgy of the Hours-Prayer
The times I find myself praying the rosary the most is when I’m feeling anxious and worried.  My mind likes to wonder and get away from me sometimes; I can work myself up for no particular reason.  I would have hoped that by this time (my age *ahem*), I would’ve outgrown this behavior, but I’ve come to accept that this is who I am, and this is my cross to carry.  During those times, the beads then become a lifeline to heaven for me.  It’s my speed dial for help!  Through tears, or fear–somehow praying the prayers and meditating on the mysteries help calm my worried mind and I feel like myself again.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that I love pretty rosaries.  Which is very funny-because I never used to like them in the past.  My thing was always about having pretty jewelry.  My husband indulged me in earrings and necklaces and I wore them that complimented my clothes.  Now, I wear a simple chain with my miraculous medal, and a cross.  Call it life with kids, or simple living–I don’t know.  This has been my style now.  But I digress.

A year ago, my husband purchased for me a beautiful Rosary that was made of glass.  I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t used it much (for fear of the kids throwing it to the floor), but I keep it tucked away, and when the kids are sleeping, I take it out of the pouch, and begin to pray.  Before the physically beauty of the rosary didn’t concern me much–they were functionary beads.  However, as I continued to pray, I fell in love with them, and just as the prayers were beautiful, I wanted what I was using to be beautiful too.

To many, a rosary are just beads.  I get it.  I used to feel like that too.  But today, a rosary is just more than prayer beads.  It’s my lifeline when I’m feeling anxious.  It’s my speed dial to heaven when I need help.  It’s my mind’s portal out of this world, and into the life of Christ.  When I focus heavenward, I don’t have time to focus on my problems.  Even if it is a 20 minute prayer (15 minutes for others), that’s time out of my head.  Time for me to focus on what matters, and soothe my soul.

These days, I don’t simply walk past a display of rosaries.  I look through them, admire the beauty and pray that every rosary that has been made lands in the hands of someone who will love it, and carry it around forever.  I have several rosaries that I carry around, and I love knowing that at a moments notice, I can take them out to feel them, and to pray.

Do you have a love for the rosary?  When did you start to pray it?  If you don’t pray it, what’s stopping you?  I  really would like to know.

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