eating real foods


I hope everyone is enjoying their Advent Season so far.  Since we are very close to Christmas, the decorations have been going up (but not lights yet) and the kids are very excited.  During this time, I’ve taken a moment to step back and take a moment for myself.  I’ve changed our environment for homeschool from the kitchen to the bedroom, and I am amazed at how fast we finish, but I’ll talk more on that later.

For the past few weeks, I have not been well, so I hope that you will all keep me in your prayers.  Since I have been feeling unwell, I have been focusing on my health more and listen to my body more often.  I’ve started cutting out processed food, gluten, eggs, dairy (including all cheeses).  The cheese is what is so hard to more away from, because it is so addictive, but move away from it I have.

In the process, I have been eating more greens such as: kale, bok-choy, spinach, and a whole  lot of greens!  I’ve ramped up on my colors: beets, sweet potato, peppers, turnips, blackberries, and the like.  I guess you can say that it is a paleo type diet, but in all honestly, its not really a diet, its a whole lifestyle change.

As I’m still recovering (long recovery I know), I realize that God put so many delicious food on this planet for us.  He gave us so many different types of meats, fish, greens, veggies, fruits for us to enjoy.  He has given us so much, and sometimes being thickheaded, we like to change this and add that.  We think we know what’s best for us, and it could be found in a package, but it is found right in God’s garden.  I ask the Lord everyday to help me truly know what is good for me, what will help me, and to step away from what is hurtful.

Before this journey, I would grab a premade item instead of making it myself.  I’ve relied too much on processed food that I notice that it was harming not only my health, but my family as well.  Just so that you know, I am really all about DIY cooking, but sometimes, I would grab the nearest thing when I’m stressed, or too tired to make cookies (not that anyone needs cookies) and many of those times they are store bought.

With me not feeling my best, I’ve decided to overhaul my whole family’s eating habits.   I’ve mainly focused on my faith on my blog, but I realize that my faith that God will provide, is also fueling my desire for my health.  My goal, is not to go to the point of obsession, but truly use the tools that God has given us, and be thankful.

I hope that you will come a long with me on this journey, to better myself physically and emotionally.  Health has a huge impact on our spiritual life, and vise versa.  I’m tying to find a way to bridge the connection between the two and share my findings with you.

Have you ever neglected your health by putting it in the back ground?  What do you think you can do to change that?  If you have made changes, what is some advice you can give to people who are just starting out?