{This post was originally published on Aug 31, 2011. Picture updated, with minor edits.}

Since my family came over to stay with me and my husband for a day in our very small one bedroom apartment; I’ve been able to reflect on a few things that I have learned. (That and I seriously need to decompress from this weekend.)

How Not To Handle Emergencies

1. Some people can handle emergencies really well…others not so well.
2. Those who can’t handle it, have no idea what they are doing.
3. Sometimes, it’s just better to stay out of their way.

Here are my lessons from my observations:

DO – Pack clothes for at least three days.
DON’T – Pack every article of clothing you own. Like your second grade student of the month outfit…just an example of course…

DO – Pack food for consumption
DON’T – Pack food that requires special treatment like your 3 liter can of olive oil. Really. Do we really need that much oil? Who’s cooking?

DO – Bring something to entertain yourself.
DON’T – Try to be the entertainment. Especially if you’re not good at it (note to self).

DO – Entertain the toddler.
DON’T – Compete with the toddler. Believe me, no one will thank you for it. Does any one really want to hear a 30-year-old bang on a set of pots during the “concert”….I don’t think so.

DO – Enjoy being a guest in someone’s home.
DON’T – Over stay your welcome. Like screaming in the hall, or having a bad day and showing it, or complaining why there’s no junk food in my home…again, just an example.

DO – Avoid the storm.
DON’T – Become the storm.

DO – Say your prayers.
DON’T – Be the reason why someone needs to pray.


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