What Does The Fox Say Photography

Baby steps, baby steps, I keep telling myself that I’ll get back into photography when I have time…  

But it wasn’t until lately that I realize that all I have is time.  I may not do everything that I want to do with my time, but that has to change.  I have to (of course) take of my family, but I also need to take care of myself.  Last year, I wrote about how the body is a temple, and now I’m getting back into the things that calmed my mind.

2017_2_18 - 4_T
While I love to read, and that will always be my first passion, I have also decided to take up photography.  While I started when my middle baby was young, I slowly slid off my chart of seemingly impossible projects, to snapping pictures of us on the go.

2017_2_18 - 3_T
What I failed to notice that everyday there is an opportunity to just be and enjoy the life that God has given me.  I have to admit that I am not as thankful all the time.  Children screaming, fighting, and me praying for bedtime, but I really need to take a look around and appreciate what I have.

2017_2_18 - 1_T
So, while I won’t make promises that I’ll do it often, I will take account and enjoy the everyday that is around me.  I don’t live in a house, nor do I have expensive equipment, but I know I don’t need all of that.  What I need is to look at my life with my children, and just be thankful.

2017_2_18 - 2_T
My everyday is boring for some, but to me (and us) it is comfort knowing our day, and how we have to plan it.  Life with a newborn reminded me that I have to slow down.  Take things one moment at a time, and not rush.

2017_2_18 - 6_T

I think that’s why God gives us such precious gifts, babies.  We may get frustrated because we can’t do what we want at the speed that we want to. Rushing, trying to scarf down a meal, not really living the day but moving from one event to the other.

2017_2_18 - 8_T
Nope, with a baby, you have to slow down. You have no choice.  Lazy Saturdays are just that, slow.  Although at my home it’s anything but lazy.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for reminding me that I need to slow down.  Thank you for the precious gift a child to remind me of these things.  Every moment, even the quiet ones are to mediate on Your goodness.  Help me to never forget that my days are a gift.  Crazy at times, but a gift nonetheless.  I want to use all of my gifts to give greater glory to you.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my love of you with the world.