Well it’s been some time, and I wanted to get back into what I liked.  Also, let’s be honest–the kids found it a blast as well.  So this week, we’ve decided to set up a battle scene.  I liked it a lot, and the kids had fun setting things up for me.

It’s been a while since I picked up my camera.  What I enjoyed the most was toy photography–its what I have around, and plenty of.  But since my subject lost his head…sadly (poor Linus), I’ve shelved the idea, and life just went on.

Okay, so here are just the battle scenes from our epic (non-moving fight).


samba the lion gearing up for a fight


“You’re never going to get away with it,” Simba said as he corned off the enemy.  “We are going to stop you, even if it means we fight you!”


black and white of a mean looking toy

“If it is a fight you want, then it’s a fight you’ll get.” Shadow said.  Snarling his teeth at his foe.  Simba and his brother crouched down, preparing to fight.  


two toy sambas gearing up to fight a mean looking toy in black and white


As the crowed looked on, the tension in the air grew thicker.  The noise around them died down, to silence.  They couldn’t hear anything around them–just the fight that loomed before their eyes.



black and white side view of toys looking to fight


Simba smirked to himself, as he saw the weakness in his foe and figured out how to use it to his advantage.  Shadow, just imaged pure power that was going to win this battle.  



Overall, I think this was okay for a rusty person, and I love the fact that I’m learning from what I shot. The second image was my favorite and I really liked taking pictures of this.  The goal for now is to learn, and to grow.  That’s all that we can do.  

What has been your favorite shot?