Despite that I haven’t written on my blog in months, (I hope) is not a sign to what readers I have left that I have abandoned it.  Actually, me writing down  my thoughts on different things has been in the front of my mind for the longest.


Family Life

Unfortunately, I don’t have the emotional capacity to get my thoughts together after days (months) of long trying days.  I won’t say that life is too difficult, I’ll just say that the emotional needs in my home has grown to the point that it’s a lot of mental power being used up during the day light hours.  Looking forward to the days when things are quiet again.

But what I will say is that I have excited news to share…but more on that at a later post!

Aside from that, if I do manage to “steal away” for a short amount of time, some one is knocking on my bedroom door (aka the hide out room), asking to come in.  I’m not very strong to resist the knockings and questions of my two-year old.

So, that’s life at the moment, and I haven’t abandoned my blog.  Actually, I have a lot of things to say, just not enough time (and mental capacity) to get it all out of my head.  These are the days that I feel sorry for Mr. C since my conversation topics are usually way out there.  I can just imagine how he feels after a long day of work to come home to a theological conversation that’s full of questions than answers.  Pray for us.

Knitting Life

You know, it’s sad to say that it has taken me months to work on a cardigan (my first one) for my daughter.  The first bright idea that I had: use Ombre yarn for it.  After I did that, it dawned on me that the Ombre effect is going to have to match the back.  That meant that I have to cut the yarn from the ball so that I have the same (sorta) Ombre effect on both sides.  It’s not perfect, but close enough.

Lesson learned: if I’m going to do sweater with a yarn that changes colors…work the sweater in the round–not in pieces.

I decided to try my hand at a Japanese stitch pattern from my Japanese Stitch Bible.  I *thought* it would be a straight forward thing to do.  After all, I practiced the pattern as a dishcloth, and figured that I got it.  Well, things don’t go as planned and when you’re exhausted….well you get the picture.

It took me a while to complete this, but I’m so happy how it turned out.

japanese knitting pattern ombre yarns


Of course since the back has a Ombre effect, it dawned on me that the front has to sort of match.  This is why I like working with solid colors.  I pulled out this front panel so many times.  First I though, sure, I’ll do it left then right..  The Ombre wouldn’t have matched.  So now I’m doing it as a pullover front, added extra stitches to try steeking for the first time.  So this Cardigan will be a first of many things for me.  Wish me luck.


Red Hear Super Saver Ombre Yarn


The great thing about knitting, is that my  oldest (daughter) has caught the knitting bug and finally learned to knit.  Now she’s looking at different knit and purl stitches, and would like to work on different projects.  If she keeps it up, we may consider getting her a set of knitting needles for herself.  We’ll see how long this keeps her attention.

A side note, my middle (son) wants to learn to crochet, but neither him nor I have the patience for the lessons. I think he just like how the string can be used to make different things.  I find him more of my engineer than a knitter or crocheter.  As soon as he said he wanted to learn, something mechanical caught his attention and that was the end of that.


Faith Life

I’ve been too quiet about my faith lately.  I’ve noticed that it has a lot to do with the scandal that as rocked the leaders of the Church.  Also, its been my own personal way of dealing with the problem (at least emotionally).  I still love my faith and read a lot about it.  Lately, I’ve read this awesome book (faith and history) and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts.

Even though I finished the book two days ago, I still have my thoughts that I have to sort out.  But when I do, I’ll look forward to share them.

These are the many things that has gone on with me, and I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts on the book.