One Word


Did you know…usually by the time Valentine’s Day come, people who made resolutions would either break them or forget them. If you haven’t–consider yourself fortunate.

We are almost to the end of the month and I wanted to keep track of my one word–Patience.

Well–let me start by saying that it is not an easy word to follow. I constantly find myself closing my eyes and think about the word. Focus on what’s really bothering me and learning how to step away.


Those with kids–I don’t even need to go there. You know first hand on how kids can try everything in the book to test your patience.

I’ve been trying a few things that has been helping.

1. Giving my full attention.

Sometimes if my daughter is coloring, I’m tempted to check some email or read some blogs. However I know that when she really acts out, she wants and need attention. So before we get to that point, that is what I do. I’ll sit down with her, especially when her brother is napping and give her all of me.

2. Not leaving anything up for interpretation.

Instead of telling my daughter to pick up her toys, I’ve been very specific with her. I’ll say, “Please pick up the dinosaur and put him in the black basket on the book-case. Very long-winded, but it does work. I just have to keep reminding myself that spelling it out, and explaining in detail what is needed of her will make things easier on me as well as her.

3. Giving the hubby exact directions.

Funny how this works with Mr. C. too. I can’t just ask him help me with the laundry on the weekend (because as you know, these things gets done faster with help). I’ll have to say specifically, “Please take the colored clothes and put them in the washing machine and that’s it.” It really does save me from saying: ” I thought I asked for help with the laundry.”


Talk about a true test of Patience– I’ve learned so much by not just getting to where I would like to be on my time.

1. Acceptance

That’s it. I just learned how to accept the delays when they do come. I can’t change anything as of that point. I can change how I feel about it, but if I’m already late for something, or know I’m running late, I’ll call the place in advance and tell them how delayed I am. This usually let’s the other party know that I am on my way, and I did not forget about my appointment.

2. Prevention.

Now there are some things that can be done better to stop the delays. Like not tell my family the actual appointment time and telling them that it much earlier than it really is (This really works by the way). But things like, packing out the bag and laying everyone’s clothes out in advance really does help us from getting out of home late.

3. Reschedule

If it’s something that can be rescheduled, then that is the absolutely last option. I don’t like to do it often, but I know for something that’s not super important, then I know I can always reschedule the task/event/errand for either another time or day. This really takes the pressure off of being late for something.

Self Understanding

I’ve think I’ve been doing well with this one. There is a point when you realize that you cannot do everything and be everything to everyone. Sometimes you do what you can and move on. So in this, I’ve been more forgiving of myself. Yeah, there are times when want to dwell on something that didn’t go right, but that’s really not going to help with it.

We can all learn from those moments, but after that we just need to move on.

Health Goals

I don’t want to talk too much about this here, because I have a post dedicated to this later this week, but all I can say about it so far is that it takes dedication and really keeping your eyes on the prize to get what you want out of your health goals. Be it weight loss, or just eating better. Always, always you have to keep your eyes on the prize.

What I will say about this is that when your family sees you getting into gear and getting back into shape (or just starting out), many members will support you. In my own family, I will say that I have encouraged Mr. C. to start lifting weights again — double bonus.


Those of you that have done a One Word, what is your update on it? Have you stuck to it? Do you need refocus on it? Share in the comments below.