I’ve been sick.

Correction, we’ve been sick so far the past 2 weeks.  Coughing so bad that the whole body aches, so I hope this post makes some sense.

The first person who came down with the virus was my daughter, and it was one day right after the BBQ on Memorial Day.  The next person to come down with it was my 6-month old.  Followed by myself, and then my mother.

So while we recover over here, and hopefully for the last week of sickness, I want to share with you one of my favorite photos.



I was in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and was headed to a new area that I haven’t seen before–a herb garden.   But on the way they had a water fountain wall.  This fountain caught my attention because there was a repeating pattern that was man-made in the middle of a garden with flowers of natural repeating patterns.  I just thought it was really interesting for the simple yet beautiful architecture.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.