Just like that, we are so close to mid-January, and celebrating Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Even though we, as a nation, celebrate it next Monday (and actually falls on a Wednesday), I think that it’s so fitting that his birthday is in January.

We talk about change, and making resolutions, but through his example we saw that change for him was not only just talk, he was a doer. He got things done.

How many of us can still keep marching forward knowing that we will be marching away from our family and everything that we love for something that will be benefit them?

We question ourselves, and at times we are filled with doubt.

I know I did when I started planning my blog posts schedule this year on top of homeschooling,  and my family duties!  I wonder if I can sustain and keep posting five times a week.

But Martin Luther King, Jr. says:



So that is what I’m going to do. I’m going to take his example and step out on faith. My changes are not as drastic as leading a whole nation to change, but it is a change for me.

We can’t keep waiting for the right time to do something. We can’t always say  only if….


Now is the time and now is the moment. I’ve mentioned before not to be led by fear, and doubt. Dr. King saw the mountain top, and felt he would not get there with us, but he saw light at the end of the tunnel.

It doesn’t matter if you promised to just be a better you in this New Year.


Be everything that You can be, and do everything that you can do, because YOU can make a change. YOU can make a difference.

It doesn’t happen over night, and it doesn’t happen rapidly, but change does happen when you strive for it.

Thank you Dr. King for all of your lessons you have taught us, and the sacrifices you made for our nation.