Life Through My Lens Thursday– Week 3




This week, I decided to try my hand at textures.

I’ve read somewhere, that when working with Black and White photography, we have to be more aware of contrast, and texture.  Since these elements really pop when taking pictures.  Also, when trying to work with contrast or texture, it is really not affected by the time of day that you shoot the picture!

I have this very pretty wicker draw set in my bedroom, and I’ve been picturing all week how to capture the texture and incorporate Linus.

I like how the texture came out, and I know that with practice, the surface would look awesome in black and white.  I don’t think I’m done with the idea of texture yet, so I’m going to practice more with it, and see how Linus feels with both soft and hard textures.

(Poor Linus–he doesn’t even have a blanket!)

So let me know what you think!

LTMLT-Week 3-3


LTMLT-Week 3


LTMLT-Week 3-2


I’m still intrigued by it, so I might try something with different textures next week.

Until next week!



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i REALLY enjoyed these!! The textures just pop out of the picture. great job Kalley. I am looking forward to following more of this series 🙂

Yvonne I. Wilson

Kalley I just love your creative style. 🙂 This series keeps on drawing me to check out what you have next ‘up your sleeve’ to do with this little character. Great job!


I love the second one a lot. Black and whites work so well with different textures and contrasts. Did you try the first one in black and white? I think that would be interesting.


I don’t know the lingo, but I get why you wanted to photo the wicker. I love baskets. I spent a pretty penny on a wicker basket to hold my throws for the bedroom.

Alison Hector

You’re doing great work, Kalley. Keep it up!


Love it I don’t know a thing about textures but I do love how you set this up. Nice creativity.