Life is a Song

Remeber this quote….


The part that stands out most to me is ‘life is a song.’


Imagine this…

Everyone of us has a melody. A tune that represents our life, and no matter which instrument we pick up to play, the only tune that we can play is our own.

Some of us bop to the genre of Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Jazz, Funk, it doesn’t matter the genre, because our melody is flexible to encompass all of these musical forms without sacrificing our own originality.

This is a bit of how my inner world function.

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that my musical interests has changed—and yet stayed the same.

I’ve always been drawn to classical, and music from around the world. I’m amazed at how a simple piece can make me come alive and feel free. Like my Musically Monday choice from yesterday.

There were times (when I was much younger and not so sure of myself) I allowed my musical interest to be influenced by those around me. This is how I’ve come to like R&B, Rap, some Heavy Metal, and Country.

However, no matter how many times I can open my ears to something new, I find that I always come back to my same interest.


As if there is an invisible string that pulls me along to a genre and a melody that my heart loves—the only melody that my body wants to hear because it is the most freeing to me.

I’ve fought this before—actually many times. I fought with the inner world, and my external world. I fought so much with it until the person who I was trying to become looked and sounded nothing like me.

That is when I knew I just had to accept it.


My ah-ha moment sort to say.

Now, I share my love. Be it music, books, philosophy, or faith. Before, fear of being considered “weird” stopped me, but it’s the weird ones that leaves a lasting impression on our lives and memories.

I’ve also learned that I cannot take a single element of myself and try to say it’s complete. All I am doing is forcing myself to love an incomplete person.  These things I didn’t learn in my 20s.  I was still discovering who I was.

Now that I’m in my 30s, I have a better idea that:

* We are not meant to be defined and stick with that single definition of ourselves.

* We change, we grow, we are not the same person today as we were yesterday.

* We’ve learned from past mistakes and errors that they allowed us to become a better person today.

*Problems in life are just another hill to climb and after this one, there will always be another one-so we must try to make the best out of every situation.

So to everyone out there, life is a song. Sing it loud,dance to it, and be proud of it.



What would you say is the melody of your life?  What are you drawn to, that you cannot (and don’t want to) step away?


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Cam Bibs and Baubles

I can relate to not sharing parts of myself because I didn’t want to be thought weird. Now that I’m in my 30s, like you, I’ve grown past that. I found myself having a conversation with my son recently about being unique and the beauty of it. I hope he accepts all of his quirks sooner than I accepted mine.


This is such a wonderful post, Kalley; very thought provoking! I too would keep my interests from others for the fear of being judged. I try to look at every situation whether good or bad as an opportunity to learn.


I feel ya! I’m the queen of weird and quirky and have always been very self-aware of it. I found this quote in one of my childhood journals and still find it very true, “If you’re different, you’re bound to be lonely.” I don’t take it in a depressing, loneliness kind of way, but more in a uniqueness kind of way. I’ve stood alone in many things from pop culture opinions to major issues and still remain confident in my beliefs. I hope that I can inspire my children as well to do the same even if it differs from… Read more »


Hi Kalley! I can definitely relate to keeping parts of our lives and thoughts to ourselves. I still keep a little bit of me, only for me:-) When I was a child, my mom sent me to a private school. This caused a lot of teasing and craziness among my neighborhood friends and some of my family members. I think this experience created in me, a bold heart…one that shouted who I was and what I preferred. Of course, this part of me didn’t emerge until high school, which made everyone think I was a little nutty and off the… Read more »


This is such a great analogy! That is so interesting how you described your tune always going back to what you originally loved. 🙂 I will have to say that not one thing that I used to be or like is who I am anymore. We moved from NJ 2 years ago to AZ and the person that my family talks to every now and again (like you said) has constantly evolved to the point where, if they saw me today, I wouldn’t even look the same. It’s crazy. Like you, I have embraced who I have become to the… Read more »