This week’s photography challenge, I had a hard time “focusing” on what to take.  

It’s so weird not completing a LTMLT without Linus, as I now find myself struggling for inspiration.

Even though I’m sad to no longer take pictures of Linus, I know that this is going to challenge me further to:

      • Share things that brings me joy, and peace and hopefully allows you the breathe easy for just a moment.
      • Not get too attached to one object or one thing — just like that, it could be gone.
      • Stretch myself in concepts and ideas.
      • Give you a glimpse of my life through my lens, of how I see things, and not see them the same way.




Taken with iPhone5 camera, on a very cloudy day. Used a Bright lights overlay on a mostly dark picture.


Even on a cloudy day (I actually think there was fog covering the top part of the parachute) , this place still brings happiness and joy to may people.  

They don’t care if it’s raining or cloudy, or sizzling hot.  This place is and always will be fun to many.

Even though this picture is year ago,  there is still a sense of enjoyment that is yet to be had.  A promise of summer on a cold, cloudy day.

What place can you think of that is and always will be considered a place of fun and enjoyment for you?