Ever since Little Z was able to run and ride his bike (among other things) life with a boy is very different from life with a girl!

Zee may dream of princes and parties, Little Z (at the moment) loves on crashing things and throwing things in the air.  He loves chasing and running.  

It is a very welcome changed though, since it also exposes Zee to the many boy things that are so much fun (in my opinion).  After all, how many dolls can a child own?  (Mr. C and I do not buy the dolls since she usually gets them as a gift).  But really?  Maybe it’s me, after all, I never really liked to play with dolls–I was more of a video game person myself.


Life With a Boy


My days are filled with loud laughing, and crashing toys, but I welcome it.  However, now if they are quiet, they are truly up to something…

What are some of the differences you noticed from raising a girl and boy?  Is your home always filled with crashing noise?  If you have just girls, seriously, how many dolls can a girl play with?