Where Is Your Heart?

The Sisters and Brothers that I have met in my life, have this joy and peace around them that you wish you can just put in a bottle. They may not have everything they want but they have everything they need. That is what makes them happy. They found what their heart is searching for (God) and their heart is resting on Him.

What Does Mercy Look Like?

Have you ever wondered why the theme we hear about lately is inclusive? Safe place? No hate zone? I’ve been seeing this for a while now, as I’m sure you have too. What we see now is a system that is now working to make things safe for a few, but leave the majority vulnerable.

It’s More Than Words

Pope Francis has endeared many of us, and confused the rest of us. I fall into both camps! I love how personable he is, however I understand that I don’t understand a lot of things about him. To me, that’s okay. I wasn’t meant to understand completely every person, and I’m sure many of his writings will make more sense to me as I pray about it, and as time passes.

Does Organ Donation Conflict With Your Beliefs?

Planned parenthood and their grisly involvement of selling body parts has raised up an important discussion about organ donation. Should we be an organ donor? No doubt many of us do not want to think about a loved one who has been seriously injured and have to...