Hey ya’ll!  Its been fall for some time now, but here in where I am really feels like fall.  I don’t even think we managed to get through the light jacket phase long enough.  I just remember it being humid one day, and the next we needed  hat and scarf!  Tall about changing weather really quickly!

As I have mentioned in a previous post that I have a wonderful new hobby that I’ve been doing for about a year now.  Just some background story on that here.  So I had this beautiful Caron Cake Yarn that I bought a year ago.  Sadly it just sat in my stash looking so tasty and beautiful.  I loved the colors and was trying to figure out what to do with it.  

Knowing that the season would soon be upon us for Pumpkin Spice, in July,  I decided to knit a shawl for the upcoming cooler weather  I’m now ready to share it with you!



When I first picked out the pattern, I thought that I wouldn’t like it much, but who can go wrong with the pretty colors of this yarn.  For those of you who are not into knitting, the colors in the picture above barely does it justice!  Anyway, I managed to pick out a pattern and in the hot July weather I was knitting away.

This project taught me so many humbling lessons:

  1.  It’s okay if it’s just garter stitch.
  2. Garter stitch is very cozy!
  3. This is a long project with a very simple stitch.
  4.  Wondering if this would look well in other colors .
  5. I love the colors of this yarn but I hate the flavor of pumpkin spice—weird huh?


shawl pumpkin spice


I *saw* pictures on how to wear this, but I’m still trying to figure it out.  I mean—it’s tapered on one end, and wider on the other.  I guess I can just wrap it around my neck, but that hasn’t felt comfortable yet.

Also, I was thinking about giving it away as a gift, but I loved the colors way too much to do that.  So it stays with me.  

I think this is the first knitting project that I’ve made, that I kept for myself.  It will be a long time before I get to make something else for me, and requests from my kids keeps coming in.  

Now about garter stitch. Reading so many opinions online about the stitch and how simple it is (for some) beautiful for others, I’ve just come to accept that it makes a very warm garment or accessory. 

I don’t mind the endless knit stitch as this would make a nice de-stressing project. 


Shawl Pumkin Spice Caron Cake


I think this is the first Caron Cake Yarn that I used as a whole yarn. Previously, I crocheted my daughter a hat and scarf (this was before knitting) and that project was an early attempt at making my family something. 

If we could find the hat, I’ll *think* about sharing it (since it’s so early in my yarncraft days). 


Yarn: Caron Pumpkin Spice 

pattern: Step it up Shawl 

So it’s the thick of fall, do you like Pumpkin Spice flavor anything?