Dear Lord,

Thank You for hope. Not just for things that are to come, but for the expectation that something–anything is coming our way.

Sometimes, we take advantage of what we have around us, and we become complacent. It’s not until we take a good look at our surroundings that we see so much possibilities and that alone gives us hope.

My hope is that today will be better than yesterday, and, it always is. Its better because You have given the knowledge that only we can make it better or worse.

We also know that it can always be worse, so thank You for opening our eyes to that.

Thank You for allowing me to see that sometimes we could be our bubble popper; we don’t need anyone to put us down if we’re doing it ourselves. With that being said Lord, we really don’t have a reason to put ourselves down.

My hopes for tomorrow is that we continue to grow with our families, and continue to be open to Your words.

With Your guidance and help, please help us to keep our hope alive.


liturgy of the hours ordinary time book with red car on the bed

Originally published on 10/02/2011