Life Through My Lens Thursday Photography Challenge is my take on a Project 52.  I chose one object – Linus – and decided to photograph him using different themes and techniques.  Other times, I’ll make a story out of the photographs that I take.  To see the beginning of my challenge, start here.


This week for Life Through My Lens Thursday, I’m going to scale back for a moment.  I’ve been in the middle of:

  • Making changes to my blog (I missed my old theme so I reactivated it, and now tweaking it).
  • Getting another blog off the ground to document my homeschool journey.
  • Running around to different appointments.

I’ll get into this with my Friday post among other things.

Also, I did not forget where I left us last week with his mini soap opera!  This will continue next week, as I wrap up his drama filled series.

For now, I will leave you a picture of Linus.

LTML-Week 12

Me watching Linus watching LittleZ