LTML-18: A Mother’s Surprise

Hey everyone!  This Life Through My Lens Thursday is somewhat bittersweet for me.  It’s the last post that I will be doing with Linus.

Why?  (of course you asked)

Well, you see…Linus broke 🙁  and in a way where I cannot put him back together.

Since we received him for a Christmas gift many years ago, I’m going to have to search really hard and long for a replacement.  I haven’t even broken the news to Zee yet.  

She liked the photography I was doing with her toys, but I’m not sure if she was as attached to Linus as I was.  I know I’ll do more photography with her soon–after all, she loves taking pictures with the toys that set up.

Also, this could also be a sign for me to remove my toy photography off this space.  Not too long ago, I asked if I should do it, but I think this will be the perfect time to change.  After all, I can’t see me do Life Through My Lens Thursday with another toy.  Well…I could…but it would just feel wrong–oh so wrong. 

Even though my toy photography will be off this space, I’ll still be posting pictures (of course) of things.  Maybe turn my LTMLT into a real LTMLT; but I’m sure that will bore you guys to pieces.

Without further adu…here is Linus’ last message (at least for now)

Linus and friends wishes all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day, and yes Linus…we’ll be reunited soon.

With that being said, if you’re interested in following my photography journey, you can find me on Tumblr.  

Besides, that space is really growing on me for my photos.

Until next week. 


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Yvonne I. Wilson

Aww..sad to see him go. Loved the photography all the way and I really enjoyed the journey. Happy Mother’s Day Kalley!


Aww! poor Linus! I really do love Tumblr for photos. I did have my now defunct 365 on there. I really need to get back on there and post.


Oh no! I hope the dinosaur-dragon didn’t get him. Good luck finding a replacement! Your photos and stories are so cute! And Happy Mother’s Day!