{This post was originally published in November 8, 2013.  Republished with editing. October 2012, a superstorm Sandy hit NYC along with other areas in the North East.  My mother’s home, like so many homes flooded and property damage was huge.  In my mother’s area alone, there were a few deaths.  What transpired later was a neighborhood that did not know how to respond to this type of disaster, and countless people who were lost through the cracks.  As I read the news on any given day, my hearts and prayers goes out to those are victims of floods, fires, and other natural disasters.}

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Row of Trees1

Even though a year has past since Hurricane Sandy, it can still be felt by areas that were affected by the storm.

Yes, people homes were messed up and flooded, like my family’s home, but did you know that the plants are really doing their best to make a come back?

All across my mother’s area, there have been vines, and trees that struggled to bloom during the Spring, and produce leaves.  So many trees and Evergreens were affected by the storm, that some just died right around Spring.

Others managed to hold on to dear life and did their best to bloom, and grow, holding on to what ever leaves that they could make.

For those that did manage to hold on, it was a beautiful attempt by nature to show us that life does go on.  It is possible to rebuild and remake yourself when something tragic has happened.  That’s the beauty of God’s glory all around us, even while sick, nature gives Him praise.


Sparse, yes, but the crown for this tree is splendid.


Not all of you were able to make it, but those that have will be cherished.


Thank you for showing yourself this Fall.

Row of Trees 2

Many of your brother and sisters gave up the fight, but not you.

Across the water

My real wish, is that next Spring, will be better for the plants.  There are just too many trees in this neighborhood that are sick and may have to be cut down.

I’m hoping that they will get the chance to recover from this storm, and get the saltwater out of their system.  I hope they get to show us their renewed strength and character.