What an early surprise for us! For the first time that I can remember (that is since I really started paying attention to the weather) we had snow in early this year. It was a huge surprise to see this much snow so early in the fall. Usually snow comes to us in maybe late December. Usually some in January and the worst of it in February.

But it seems that this year is different–hopefully for the better!  When I looked at the forecast on Tuesday last week, and saw snow forecasted for Thursday, I just figured that it will be rain instead. I mean come’on…snow so early in the year?

Still, I notified my husband before he went to work about the snow so that he could expect it. All the while doubting that anything would come of it.  Cause snow in November was just not heard of.

When my youngest went down for a nap, the sky was grey but nothing was happening. Then it started to snow…then snow…then really snow!  I couldn’t believe it!  It started out as a light dusting, then huge chunks started to fall, then it looked like this:

November snow in New York City

It’s so weird how the weather in the country is.  We have plenty of snow, meanwhile, across the US in California there are people who are suffering and losing their homes because of the wildfires.  Just the change in place means so much difference in the weather.

Since it was very cold for us (again, too early for this), I made sure to make something that will fill Mr. C’s belly and thaw him out.  When Mr. C finally did come home later in the evening, it was still snowing. I managed to just take this picture of my parking lot before the baby woke up.  Evening creeps up early on us these days.  So this is as good as I got.

It was so unlike that one year when it was just snow storm after snowstorm.  This snowfall I liked though.  There were some leaves on the trees that didn’t get knocked down from the wind, but I’m afraid that it didn’t stay that way.  Our trees are looking mighty bare now.

The older kids were excited because they said “Christmas was coming.”  Not yet, but then again not too far away.